2024 Parts Canada Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 LIGHTING PARTSCANADA.COM SNOW | 2024 421 DESCRIPTION PART # Red lens 2010-1394 DESCRIPTION PART # Smoke lens 2010-1395 HAWKEYE LED TAILLIGHTS • Micro-sized, ultra-bright LED taillight • Dual-function running and brake light • Features license plate light • Measures 2” L x 11/16”W x 15/16” H DESCRIPTION PART # Red lens 2040-2634 DESCRIPTION PART # Smoke lens 2040-2635 GT-01 LED TAILLIGHTS • Dual-function running and brake light • Halo-style daytime running light • Features license plate light • Measures 3/8” L x 37/16”W x 3/16” H DESCRIPTION PART # 3000 lumen 2060-0535 DESCRIPTION PART # 6000 lumen 2060-0653 LED HEADLIGHT REPLACEMENT BULBS FOR H4 HALOGEN BULBS • Replaces standard headlight bulbs • Real LED headlight features at a fraction of the price of others • Uses stock reflector and bulb housing • 6000K (6000 Kelvin) daylight white (not yellow) light beam with no blue tint • Built-in ballast with active heat-management fan • PART #2060-0535 offers a super-bright 3000 lumen LED output (versus standard H4 lumen output of 800-1200 lumens) and draws less than 1 amp compared to stock bulb at 5 amps • PART #2060-0653 offers a super-bright 6000 lumen output DESCRIPTION POWER CONSUMPTION LIGHT OUTPUT PART # H4 HEADLIGHT BULBS (EA.) Xtreme White 60/​55W 110/​100W 70456 Super Plasma GT-X 60/​55W 135/​125W 2060-0038 HIGH-PERFORMANCE HALOGEN BULBS PIAA bulbs are engineered with XTRA Technology for greater performance per watt than any other bulb on the trail. Xtra is a term coined by PIAA to designate a high-efficiency bulb that is designed to produce greater light output than its rated power consumption (i.e. 55W = 85W of light output). Greatly enhance your ability to see and be seen.A metal bond holds the heat-resistant glass tube securely to prevent cracks and leaks.A welded focus ring and one-piece filament support assures proper positioning. SUPER PLASMA GT-X • Bluish-purple color very similar to HID and the closest yet to sunlight XTREME WHITE • Xtreme White Series of bulbs have a cool white light output that gives the driver better color recognition on depth perception and better contrast than stock halogen lamps • Blue topcoat adds a slight blue tint to lamp 70456 2060-0038 • Easy do-it-yourself plug-and-play installation • Kit includes four different mounting adapters to fit 90% percent of all models • 30,000 hour bulb life NOTE: Not DOT compliant. 2010-1394 2010-1395 2040-2634 2040-2635 2060-0653 2060-0535