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BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 PARTSCANADA.COM 2024 | TIRE & SERVICE OFFROAD TIRES TIRE FAILURE HAZARD,WHICH IF NOT AVOIDED, COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY. SEE PAGE 129 FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PRODUCT USE. WARNING 170 SIZE TL/TT PART # FRONT 2.50-10 TT 0312-0100 60/​100-10 TT 0312-0027 60/​100-12 TT 0312-0106 60/​100-14 TT 0312-0002 SIZE TL/TT PART # REAR 80/​100-10 TT 0313-0003 80/​100-12 TT 0313-0002 iX-KIDS MINI MOTOCROSS INTERMEDIATE TERRAIN MINI TIRES • Tires developed especially for kid-size motocross bikes • Outstanding traction for starts, cornering and braking under all conditions • Tube type (TT) SIZE TL/TT PART # FRONT 2.50-14 TT IRC-128 2.50-16 TT IRC-42 SIZE TL/TT PART # REAR 3.00-12 TT IRC-129 3.60-14 TT IRC-43 MINI-CROSS MOTOCROSS INTERMEDIATE TERRAIN MINI TIRES • IRC’s involvement with the major motorcycle manufacturers and extensive testing with motocross bikes led to the development of the MX intermediate terrain series • Provide maximum traction, braking and sure-footed cornering for a broad range of track conditions • Tube type (TT) SIZE TL/TT PART # iX05H FRONT HARD-INTERMEDIATE 70/​100-17 TT IRC-515 70/​100-19 TT IRC-517 iX05H REAR HARD-INTERMEDIATE 90/​100-14 TT IRC-516 SIZE TL/TT PART # iX05H REAR HARD-INTERMEDIATE (CONT) 90/​100-16 TT IRC-518 iX07S REAR SOFT-INTERMEDIATE 2.50-10 TT IRC-519 iX05H AND iX07S MINI MOTOCROSS INTERMEDIATE-TO-HARD TERRAIN MINI TIRES • Race-proven tread design and Mono-Flex casing construction • iX05H tires cover hard-to-intermediate terrain, while iX07S tires are good for soft-to-intermediate • Tube type (TT) iX-Kids Mini Motocross Front/Rear VX-10 Mini Motocross Front/Rear iX07S Rear iX05H Front/Rear