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BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 STREET TIRES PARTSCANADA.COM TIRE & SERVICE | 2024 TIRE FAILURE HAZARD,WHICH IF NOT AVOIDED, COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY. SEE PAGE 5 FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PRODUCT USE. WARNING 69 SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # FRONT 120/​70ZR17 (58W) TL 0316-0326 100/90-19 57V TL 0316-0329 110/​80R19 54V TL 0316-0328 120/​70R19 60V TL 0316-0330 90/90-21 54V TL 0316-0331 SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # REAR 130/​80R17 65H TL 0317-0408 140/​80R17 69V TL 0317-0409 150/​70R17 69V TL 0317-0410 160/​60ZR17 (69W) TL 0317-0411 170/​60R17 72V TL 0317-0412 SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # REAR (CONT) 170/​60ZR17 72W TL 0317-0413 180/​55ZR17 (73W) TL 0317-0414 150/​70R18 70H TL 0316-03451 150/​70ZR18 70W TL 0317-0416 1 OE for Honda CRF1000L 18. BATTLAX ADVENTURE A41 • Bridgestone’s third generation Adventure Touring tire delivers confidence, inspiring performance and excellent life for a wide variety of bikes • Both front and rear feature 3LC (Dual Compound) with new compounds to provide grip when it’s needed without sacrificing mileage • Best-ever wet performance from our Adventure Touring tires • Newly developed tread pattern with deco groove enhances wet weather performance and offers improved agility and line-holding with an aggressive look Battlax Adventure A41 Front/​Rear • Both front and rear now use mono-spiral belt construction to improve stability in all conditions • Compares to Dunlop Trailsmart, Michelin Anakee 3, and Pirelli Scorpion Trail • Original Equipment for 2018 Honda CRF1000L • Blackwall • Tubeless (TL) • H-rated for speeds up to 210 km/h (130 mph),V-rated for speeds up to 240 km/h (149 mph),W-rated for speeds up to 270 km/h (168 mph) or (W)-rated for speeds of 270+ km/h (168+ mph) SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # FRONT 100/90-18 56P TL 0316-0458 90/​100-19 55P TL 0316-0457 100/90-19 57Q TL 0316-0386 110/​80B19 59Q TL 0316-0387 120/​70B19 60Q TL 0316-0388 2.75-21 45P TL 0316-0455 80/​100-21 51P TL 0316-0456 90/90-21M 54Q TL 0316-0385 SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # REAR 120/90-16 63P TL 0317-0574 120/90-17 64P TL 0317-0575 130/​80B17 65Q TL 0317-0484 130/80-17 65P TL 0317-0582 140/​80B17 69Q TL 0317-0485 150/​70B17 69Q TL 0317-0486 170/​60B17 72Q TL 0317-0488 4.00-18 64P TL 0317-0581 SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # REAR (CONT) 4.10-18 59P TL 0317-0576 120/80-18 62P TL 0317-0578 120/90-18 65P TL 0317-0579 130/80-18 66P TL 0317-0577 150/​70B18 70Q TL 0317-0487 BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 • The Battlax Adventurecross AX41 offers improved offroad traction from a new pattern design, compound, and high cross-sectional area • The new compound, pattern design, and block wall angle optimization have improved the durability of the AX41 • The new blocks feature Even-Wear™ design, and have improved the performance on-road by reducing block deformation due to step wear • Blackwall • Tubeless (TL) • P-rated for speeds up to 150 km/h (93 mph) or Q-rated for speeds up to 160 km/h (100 mph) Battlax Adventurecross AX41 Front/Rear