2022 Parts Canada February Feature Flyer - 100%

2022 FEBRUARY FEATURED PRODUCTS FRAME LENS COLOUR STRAP COLOUR PART NO. (A) Black Silver Black/​white 2601-2839 (B) Blue Blue Blue/​white 2601-2837 (C) Chicago Red Grey/​orange 2601-2838 (D) Denver Gold White/​red 2601-2841 (E) Fluorescent yellow Gold Fluorescent yellow/​ black 2601-2843 (F) Neon orange Silver Orange/​black 2601-2840 (G) Red Red/​blue Red/​white 2601-2842 ACCURI 2 SNOW GOGGLES • All 100% snow goggles share the same lens and tear-off profile • Incorporate specific cold-weather features, increasing visibility even as the temperature drops • Curvature fit suited for comfort • Oversized face foam with an impenetrable layer keeps your face warm in the coldest conditions • Constructed from flexible yet durable urethane • Equipped with dual-pane anti-fog coated, Lexan ® lens for unimpaired vision • Oversized 45mm silicone-coated strap keeps goggles motionless B C A F D G E MIRROR LENS