2022 October Snow Feature Flyer

OCTOBER 2022 FEATURED PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION PART NO. 0W/30, 946 ml (1 quart), cs. 3601-0814 0W/40, 946 ml (1 quart), cs. 3601-0815 0W/50, 946 ml (1 quart), cs. 3601-0816 SNOW X4 ESTORLIN® SYNTHETIC LUBRICANT • Designed for the newest generation of 4-stroke performance snowmobile engines • Specially formulated for cold start flow, thermal stabilty and reduced friction • Estorlin® technology is an advanced lubricity system that utilizes precision lubricating molecules to protect engine components from extreme heat and molecular shearing • Exceeds warranty requirements of all leading manufacturers • 946ml (1 quart) bottles, 10 per case 3601-0814 DESCRIPTION PART NO. 946ml (1 quart), cs. KL215 3.785 liter (1 gallon), cs. KL216 SNOW X2 TECHNIPLATE® PREMIUM SYNTHETIC LUBRICANT • TC-W3 grade means greater film strength than standard lubricants • For injection or pre-mix • Engine manufacturer- and NMMA-approved • Clean Burn™ technology virtually eliminates smoke and carbon residue • Power Valve formula for RAVE™, VES™, APV™ and YPVS™ Valve engines • Allows faster starting and eliminates plug fouling • Contains rust- and corrosion-inhibitors • Smokeless, environmentally safe formula • Cold pour point of -40°F • Meets or exceeds NMMA TC-W3 specifications • Not alcohol compatible • Available in 946ml (1 quart) bottles, 10 per case, or 3.785 liter (1 gallon) bottles, four per case KL216 DESCRIPTION PART NO. 0W40, 4 liter, ea. 3601-0568 SNOW RACING 4 0W40 4-STROKE RACING MOTOR OIL • 100% synthetic-ester, high-end lubricant specially formulated for the latest 4-stroke snowmobiles • 0W viscosity index is ideal for cold start in the most extreme climate conditions (-45°C/-65°F) • 40 grade provides perfect protection even if engine is overheated from extreme riding • 100% synthetic-ester formulation reduces oil consumption due to its very low volatility • Thanks to a strong additive package the internal friction is reduced and the power output is increased • API SN • 4 liter bottle, 6 per case DESCRIPTION PART NO. 1 liter, cs. 3602-0118 5 liter, ea. 3602-0123 3602-0118 DESCRIPTION PART NO. 1.89 liter (1/2 gal.), cs. 3705-0036 HI-PERFORMANCE SNOWMOBILE/​WINTER COOLANT + ANITFREEZE • When old man winter comes calling, you need extreme protection from freezing as well as the heat dissipation of a premium coolant • Perfect for snowmobiles, snow bikes, UTVs or anywhere you need extra low temp protection and excellent heat dispersion properties • Boil-over protection to 260°F (127°C) and freeze protection to -45°F (-43°C) • Easy to use in convenient 1/2 gal. bottle and premixed to save you time • Biodegradable, phosphate-free and ready to use • 1.89 liter (1/2 gallon) bottles, 4 per case SNOW RACING 2 2-STROKE RACING MOTOR OIL • Synthetic Plus high-end, smokeless lubricant, specially designed for the latest generation of 2-stroke snowmobiles • Smokeless formulation is designed to work perfectly with power-valve engines • Synthetic Plus base is perfect for the latest generation of engines using a fuel injection system (E-tec, C-tec) • Special oil injection formulation allows it to be used in oil pump injection or premix engines • Special strawberry additive substantially reduces the typical and unpleasant burned oil smell • API TC and JASO FD • 1 liter bottle, 15 per case; 5 liter bottle, 4 per case