2022 November Snow Feature Flyer

NOVEMBER 2022 FEATURED PRODUCTS PROVANTAGE SIDE WALLS • Give you scoop-like control of snow and other materials • Let you gather material before depositing to the side • Heavy-duty steel construction • For ProVantage straight blades only STANDARD PLOW BLADES • 14-gauge high-strength low-alloy steel with 3/16” outer blade ribs to provide superior strength and rigidity • 163/16” blade height • Durable black powdercoat finish • Include replaceable steel wear bar • Heavy-duty 1/4”-gauge zinc-coated steel skid plates UNIVERSAL PLOW MOUNT • Universal design fits a majority of ATVs, provides stability and eliminates the need for vehicle-specific plow mount • Center mounting position offers reliable and versatile plow performance • Low-profile design provides minimal clearance issues • Compatible with both WARN’s ProVantage and Standard Plow CenterMount push tubes • Rugged steel construction with durable powdercoated finish • Mounting hardware included DESCRIPTION PART NO. Provantage side walls 4501-0294 DESCRIPTION PART NO. 48” 4501-0370 54” 4501-0371 60” 4501-0372 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Universal plow mount 390590 4501-0370 4501-0371 4501-0372