Parts Canada May 2022 Feature Flyer

MAY 2022 FEATURE FLYER P. 1 COLOUR XS S M L XL 2XL A Black — 0100-2280 0100-2281 0100-2282 0100-2283 0100-2284 B White 0100-2285 0100-2286 0100-2287 0100-2288 0100-2289 0100-2290 C Semi Flat Black 0100-2291 0100-2292 0100-2293 0100-2294 0100-2295 0100-2296 D Semi Flat Titanium — 0100-2297 0100-2298 0100-2299 0100-2300 0100-2301 COLOUR SHIELD SUN VISOR Clear 0130-1051 — Dark Smoke 0130-1052 0130-1055 Silver RST 0130-1053 — i100 brings a change to your everyday modular helmet. This modular helmet has a full rotation chin bar that can be used in both open and full-face configurations due to the P/J Dual Homologation. An easy-to-use integrated sun visor (Dark Smoke) is cable operated and located on the bottom left side of the shell. This shell is composed of our Advanced Polycarbonate material and is offered in 3 shells from sizes XS up to 2XL for maximum comfort and fitment. It’s also designed and engineered with optimal balance and weight distribution for all day riding comfort. This helmet is also ready to accept the SMART HJC Bluetooth systems (10B and 20B) (sold separately). • Pinlock Ready HJ-36 Shield: Provides 99% UV protection • Pinlock Insert included • Double D-ring Chinstrap • DOT Approved Approximate weight: 1888 grams (Size Medium) i100 MODULAR HELMET B C A D i100 SHIELD AND SUN VISOR PARTS

P. 2 MAY 2022 FEATURE FLYER COLOUR XS S M L XL 2XL A Black 0103-1378 0103-1379 0103-1380 0103-1381 0103-1382 0103-1383 B Semi Flat Black 0103-1384 0103-1385 0103-1386 0103-1387 0103-1388 0103-1389 C Hyper Silver 0103-1390 0103-1391 0103-1392 0103-1393 0103-1394 0103-0395 COLOUR SUN VISOR Clear 0130-1056 Dark Smoke 0130-1057 The all-new HJC i20 is designed to give riders a different approach to the classic open face/half helmet. This street fighter-inspired helmet comes with a removable mask and a wide-vision, anti-fog coated sun visor (Smoke) that manually operates with pull tabs located on each side of the helmet. The Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell is lightweight and offers a superior fit, using a 3-shell breakdown from sizes XS up to 2XL. This helmet is also ready to accept the SMART HJC Bluetooth systems (10B and 20B) (sold separately). • Double D-ring Chinstrap • Comes with Smoke and Clear Sun Visor • DOT Approved Approximate weight: 1484 grams with Mask, 1285 grams with out Mask i20 HELMET B C A i20 SHIELD AND SUN VISOR PARTS

MAY 2022 FEATURE FLYER P. 3 COLOUR S M L XL 2XL Spielberg Red Bull Ring 0101-14662 0101-14663 0101-14664 0101-14665 0101-14666 COLOUR S M L XL 2XL Spielberg Red Bull Ring 0110-7808 0110-7809 0110-7810 0110-7811 0110-7812 The new F70 combines cutting-edge design with upgraded features for a fresh, must-have helmet. If you’re a rider who likes to stay ahead of the pack, this first addition to a new generation of helmets is calling your name. The unique design includes an aggressive-looking breath guard and maximized ventilation from two top vents and five rear exhaust escapes. Convenience is key with the internal, anti-fog coated dropdown sun shield controlled by a smooth, easy to reach lever on the bottom of the shell. This helmet is Bluetooth compatible with SmartHJC. Available in sizes XS-2XL. • Double D-ring Chinstrap • DOT/ECE Approved Approximate weight: 1500 grams HJC’s new off-road helmet is designed to create ease and comfort for the rider in an aggressive and attractive design. A large, repositioned eyeport optimizes the view for downward visibility. Dual-position goggle band fitment adjusts for the rider’s comfort and preference. The extended visor blocks sunlight and protects the rider from debris and is flexible to allow the material to bend instead of break. The tool-less, changeable mouth vent allows for easy cleaning. “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation system allows full front to back airflow to flush heat and humidity up and out, while the SuperCool® Interior keeps the rider cool and fresh with moisturewicking and antibacterial fabric that is removable and washable. The i50 features SLID (Sliding Layer Impact Distribution), HJC’s impact distribution technology. Double D-ring Chinstrap DOT/ECE Approved Approximate weight: 1415 grams (Size Medium) F70 SPIELBERG RED BULL RING i50 SPIELBERG RED BULL RING