2022 PC September Feature Flyer

SEPTEMBER 2022 FEATURE FLYER P. 2 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Adjustable Passenger Boards 1621-1119 ADJUSTABLE PASSENGER BOARDS Made of high strength cast aluminum. Each pair comes with Commander Mini Boards in a satin black finish, angle of rotation can be changed. Comes with a passenger mode toggle. DESCRIPTION PART NO. Gauge Riser 0602-1403 GAUGE RISER Provides easy repositioning of the gauge cluster. Adjusts gauge 1” forward & 1-1/4“ up. Commonly purchased with our 41-418 Handlebar Risers. Adjusts gauge 1” forward, & 1-1/4” Up. RADIATOR GRILL The ultimate in form, function and high quality. Add a custom look while providing another level of protection to your machine. DESCRIPTION PART NO. Radiator Grill 1904-0298 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Skid Plate 0505-2293 SKID PLATE Made in U.S.A. Protect your CVT Housing with this premium Skid Plate. Laser cut from heavy-duty 2.6mm thick aluminum. Easy install. SCUFF PLATE Add protection and a more aggressive look to the front lower fairing of your Can-Am Ryker. Adjust 1” forward/back. Satin black finish. DESCRIPTION PART NO. Scuff Plate 0521-1811 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Essentials Black 4001-0239 Classic Black & Charcoal 4001-0234 Classic Black 4001-0236 ULTRAGARD® COVERS Classic: Tailor fit, scorch resistant heat shield, heavy duty water resistent UV stabilized Polyurethane coated polyester fabric. Double stitched interlocking seams. SoftTek zip out windshield liner. Storage pouch, grommets, bungee. Essentials: Tailor fit. UV stabalized. Double stitched interlocking seams. Reflective logo. Includes storage pouch, grommets, bungee. No heat shield. ESSENTIALS BLACK 4001-0239 CLASSIC BLACK & CHARCOAL 4001-0234 CLASSIC BLACK 4001-0236 ACCESSORIES FOR CAN-AM RYKER