2023 Parts Canada January Highsider Feature Flyer

JANUARY 2023 FEATURED PRODUCTS 5-3/4" TYPE 7 LED HEADLIGHT • Includes a built-in LED Halo ring • The low beam lights up in the upper half of the insert and when the high beam is switched on, both halves light up • Compatible with most 53/ 4" headlight housings • E-approved and DOT-compliant • Cable length: 15¾” • Sold each 5-3/4" LED TYPE 6 HEADLIGHT • Built with the latest LED technology • Includes a chrome-plated reflector, built-in LED Halo ring and daytime running light • The daytime running light is in the middle of the strip; low beam is in the upper half of the insert • Both halves light up when high beam is switched on • E-approved and DOT compliant • Cable length: 153/ 4" • One-piece 6" ULTIMATE LED HEADLIGHT ASSEMBLY WITH WAVE MOUNT • The Highsider Ultimate LED Headlight is the perfect solution to give your bike a facelift • The Ultimate Headlight pairs a stacked rectangular low beam and high beam unit with our CNC aluminum Wave headlight mount • Mounting is also made easy with built-in side mounting holes that are compatible with any of our headlight mounts, sold separately • The low beam also has an integrated position light • Sold each EXTEND CNC HEADLIGHT MOUNTING BRACKETS • Mounts are adjustable from 1.37" to 3.54" allowing the user to adjust the headlight for optimum looks and headlight performance • Constructed from aluminum and finished with a black anodized coating, making the Extend brackets incredibly lightweight and durable • Perfect for custom installs on choppers, cruisers or naked bikes • Attach to the fork with our proprietary headlight clamps, sold separately or as a set with clamps • Dimensions: thickness: .47", length holder min: 1.37" (measured center hole to headlight mount), length holder max: 3.74" (measured center hole to headlight mount), height: 2.16", hole diameter: 10mm • Clamps sold in pairs; brackets with clamps include four clamps DESCRIPTION PART NO. Brackets 2001-2559 Brackets w/ clamps for 38-41mm forks 2001-2560 Brackets w/ clamps for 42-43mm forks 2001-2561 2001-2561 2001-2559 DESCRIPTION PART NO. 53/4” Type 7 LED headlight 2001-2580 DESCRIPTION PART NO. 5-3/4” LED type 6 headlight 2001-2581 DESCRIPTION PART NO. 6” Ultimate LED headlight assembly with wave mount 2001-2570