2023 Parts Canada November Winterization Feature Flyer

FEATURED PRODUCTS NOVEMBER 2023 DESCRIPTION PART # Digital battery tester w/ printer 3807-0437 Repl. printer paper rolls (2-pk.) 3807-0438 DIGITAL BATTERY TESTER WITH PRINTER • Developed exclusively for 12V powersports batteries 2.3 ~ 32AH • Determines battery health and charge status in seconds • Single load, dynamic resistance technology minimizes battery drain during test • Tests both charged and discharged batteries accurately • Digital battery tester prints recommended actions • Prints results in seconds •Charging system check • Dimensions: 195mm L x 114mm W x 50mm H • Includes a heavy-duty plastic case, two rolls of printer paper and four AA batteries • Replacement printer paper rolls available separately 3807-0437 3807-0438 DESCRIPTION PART # 1.2 AMP automatic battery charger/​maintainer 3807-0662 1.2 AMP AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER/ ​MAINTAINER • Automatically switches to maintenance mode after battery reaches peak voltage • Designed to prevent overcharging DESCRIPTION PART # Jumper cables YUA00ACC07 JUMPER CABLES • Simple to use; easy to store • Heavy-duty, 8’ 8-gauge cables won’t stiffen or freeze • Tangle-resistant, encased rubber grips for safety • Come with convenient storage bag