2024 Parts Canada February Muc-Off Feature Flyer

• FEBRUARY FEATURED PRODUCTS 11 CHAIN BRUSH • Tough nylon bristles to break down dirt on the filthiest chains • Ergonomically shaped for comfort and stability • Long brush end to clean gears, pedals and brakes • Suitable for most chain sizes CLAW BRUSH • High-quality construction with three brush heads • Ideal for sprockets, mechs, cassette and chain • Features a scraper for mud de-clogging • Tough nylon bristles MECHANIC GLOVES • Total 360° protection from most cuts and scratches • Latex free • Polyurethane palm coating provides excellent grip whilst preserving dexterity • Ultra-lightweight and available in five different sizes • Machine washable EXHAUST BUNG • 2- and 4-stroke compatible • Tapered design fits most exhaust diameters • Silicone rubber core construction is sturdy and durable • Supplied with lanyard for easy removal and storage • Prevents water or contaminates entering the exhaust during cleaning • Protects your engine • Directions for use: 1. Ensure the exhaust is fully cooled, 2. For 2-stroke exhaust remove the black silicone sleeve from the bung, for 4-stroke exhaust keep the black silicone sleeve on the bung, 3. Insert and twist the exhaust bung into the end of the exhaust to form a perfect seal, 4. Carry out your cleaning and maintenance routine and 5. Always remove before starting the engine PART NO. 3850-0406 PART NO. 3850-0575 PART NO. 3850-0579 PART NO. 2130-0362 SIZE PART NO. S 3350-0333 M 3350-0334 L 3350-0335 XL 3350-0336 2XL 3350-0337 PART NO. 3704-0308 COLLAPSIBLE SILICONE FUNNEL • Designed to fit into the bottle neck of all Muc-Off bike cleaner and drivetrain cleaner bottles for easy refilling • Collapsible fold up design; portable and easy to store • Flexible construction • Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe • Made from durable, food-grade silicone that is non toxic • Silicone is highly durable AIRTAG® HOLDER • Discreetly mount an Apple® AirTag to any of your rides to track it down in the event of theft • Non-rattle design that is easy to fit securely in place • Includes 4 different silicone clamp grip sizes to mount to various diameter cables and wires • Mount under your seat, within the engine bay or under side fairings • Torx security screw and key for holder and clamp makes forceful removal difficult from thieves • 2 part, heat resistant polymer holder protects your AirTag • AirTag not included