2024 Parts Canada February Muc-Off Feature Flyer

• FEBRUARY FEATURED PRODUCTS 15 ECO PARTS WASHERS • Uses a unique natural bio-remediation process to break down the heaviest of grime • Energy-efficient and solvent-free • Water-based solutions • Eco refill liquid, Eco power tabs and replacement Eco filter for 40L are included with each washer • Eco refill liquid (PART #3704-0390) is a water-based solution with added anti-corrosion agents; non-toxic, non-hazardous • Eco power tabs (PART #3704-0391) neutralize odors, remove contaminants, pollutants and toxins from solution • Available in 40L or 100L • Not for sale to consumers, dealer service item only POWERSPORTS DIRT BUCKET WITH FILTH FILTER • Features innovative Filth Filter that traps dirt at the bottom of the bucket, preventing sponge contamination • Holds up to 13 liters of water • Made from tough, durable Copolymer plastic • Features a selection of the most popular Muc-Off powersports products • Screw top lid to keep contents contaminant free • Kit contains: powersports bucket, punk powder twin pack, motorcycle chain brush, super-soft was brush, wheel and component brush, two gray microfiber cloths, 2-in-1 microfiber wash mitt, motorcycle protectant 500ml, motorcycle all-weather chain lube 400ml, powersports drivetrain cleaner 500ml, motorcycle 1L nano cleaner and HCB-1 harsh condition barrier 400ml 3850-0577 3850-0576 3704-0390 3850-0574 3704-0391 PART NO. 3704-0392 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Eco parts washer 40L 3850-0577 Eco parts washer 100L 3850-0576 Eco refill fluid 20L 3704-0390 Eco power tabs (4 count) 3704-0391 Eco replacement filter 40L 3850-0574