2024 Parts Canada February Muc-Off Feature Flyer

• FEBRUARY FEATURED PRODUCTS 7 MOTORCYCLE PROTECTANT • High-performance formula leaves dry, non-sticky protective film • For use after washing to drive out excess water • High concentration of PTFE prevents dirt adhesion • Makes an ideal winter protectant • Quick and easy to use • Available in a 500ml or 750ml spray can 3704-0327 3706-0070 DISC BRAKE CLEANER • Treats rotors and pads to reduce squeal while improving overall brake performance • Extends disc pad and rotor life • Safe to use on e-bikes and bicycles • Re-hydrating formula that’s acetone free to preserve brake components while removing brake dust, oil, grease, brake fluid and grime Note: Not for use on anodized or painted surfaces. BIKE PROTECT • High-performance formula leaves dry, non-sticky protective film • Safe on frame, metal parts, plastics, rubber, paint and carbon fiber • Drives out excess moisture • Prevents dirt adhesion • Light lubricant coats moving parts • Quick and easy to use • 500ml aerosol spray PART NO. 500ml 3706-0070 750ml 3704-0327 PART NO. 3713-0101 PART NO. 3704-0399 PART NO. 3706-0096 • Quick and easy to use • Thin, non-sticky transparent film • Safe to use on electrical components, paintwork and most rigid plastic trim • Contains no wax silicone, PTFE or water • Dissolves existing rust • Strong capillary action enables the product to migrate into cracks and crevices • Contains UV application dye to ensure complete protection • Resistant to hot, cold and salt water • Ideal for use in harsh environments • Creates a self-healing barrier, active for up to 12 months HCB-1 HARSH CONDITIONS BARRIER • It will make maintenance and cleaning easier and protect your parts/​ components • This can save you having to replace expensive parts and save you money • 300+ hours salt spray to ASTM B-117 • Directions for use: 1. Thoroughly wash and dry surfaces before use, 2. Shake can to activate the formula and attach extension straw for more precise application, 3. Apply a thin, even film of spray to the surface to be protected and 4. Wait up to 24 hours to allow to cure and offer best protection • 400ml spray can NOTE: Do not apply to tire treads and braking surfaces.