2021 PC September Lowdown

STREET • OFFROAD • ATV/UTV • SNOWMOBILE • TIRE & SERVICE • HELMET & APPAREL 10 partscanada.com SENA The Sena Mesh 2.0 series intercoms bring an all-new experience of riding connected. The finely-tuned speakers and one-click connect Mesh Intercom ™ system bring robust, reliable communication connections. With a range of up to 5 miles, huge user capacity and nine-channel communication options, Sena series intercoms are the next level in rider communication systems. 5S BLUETOOTH ® INTERCOM HEADSET • Next generation of feature-rich and value-packed intercoms; features Bluetooth ® 5.0 technology • Easy to use, HD in-helmet speakers with two-way intercom and integrated LCD screen • HD speakers have been redesigned with a marked increase in volume, bass boost and clarity; features a beveled taper for a better fit in helmet for a more comfortable experience • Advanced noise control boosts volume in noisy environments • Make phone calls, talk over the intercom or share music within a 700-meter (.4 miles) range • Voice commands allow for hands-free operation • Jog dial maximizes the ease of use for rider for a safer ride • Up to seven hours talk time • Connects via Bluetooth or the all new Sena Utility App; Sena Utility App gives access to four EQ presets of bass boost, balance, mid boost or treble boost for customization • PART #4402-0863 includes two headsets PART # DESCRIPTION 4402-0862 Single unit 4402-0863 Dual unit ACCESSORY 4402-0875 HD speakers HD SPEAKERS • Same great sound as the 50 Series speakers now available for most Sena products • Plug-and-play design makes it easy to replace with the standard Sena connector • Features audio equalizer presets • Firmware update needed, which is readily available with the existing utility app and device manager PART # DESCRIPTION 4402-0874 Type A compatible w/ 30K, 20S Evo, 20S and 50S systems 4402-0875 Type B compatible w/ 10C Evo, 10C Pro and 5S systems 4402-0875 4402-0874 50R/S HEADSET ACCESSORIES • Replacement accessories for the 50R Mesh Intercom ™ headset PART # DESCRIPTION 4402-0866 50R accessory kit 4405-0698 50R slim speakers PART # DESCRIPTION 4402-0865 50S helmet clamp kit 4405-0697 50S slim speakers 4402-0865 4402-0866 4405-0697 4405-0698 4402-0862 4402-0875