2022 PC February Lowdown

FEBRUARY 2022 partscanada.com LOWDOWN GRIP GLIDES ™ • Help with loading a snowmobile or ATV onto either a 10’ tilt trailer or door that’s used as a ramp on an enclosed trailer • Design features grips for ATV wheels and a glide pattern to suspend snowmobile wear bars for easy loading • Comes with 22 pieces, enough for one side of a 10’ tilt trailer; two sets will complete both sides; or 32 pieces for door/​ramp on enclosed trailer • Made in the U.S.A. MOTO RAMP PRO • A safe, effective and efficient loading solution • Accommodates loading with or without all Timbersled wheel kits • Universal hinge system allows ramp to be split, accommodating a wide range of machines • Innovative Low Pro grip design provides traction for all types of tires and tracks • Integrated traction feet and fingers ensure a safe and secure surface for ground and tailgates • Measures 40” W x 90” L • Ladder folds in half and fits under most ATVs, UTVs and golf carts • Made in the U.S.A. MOTO TRACTION BAR • Provides loading assistance when using the Moto Ramp Pro • Can be mounted on either side of the ramp • Simple pinlock enables fast and easy hookup • Thin, lightweight and durable • Measures 10” W x 90” L • Mounting clips and hardware included • Made in the U.S.A. 3910‑0095 3910‑0098 440527 3902‑0057 DESCRIPTION PART # For 10’ tilt trailer 3902‑0057 For door/​ramp on enclosed trailer 440527 DESCRIPTION PART # Moto ramp pro 3910-0098 Moto traction bar 3910-0095 STREET • OFFROAD • ATV/UTV • SNOWMOBILE • TIRE & SERVICE • HELMET & APPAREL