2022 Parts Canada March Lowdown

STREET • OFFROAD • ATV/UTV • SNOWMOBILE • TIRE & SERVICE • HELMET & APPAREL 2 partscanada.com M2 EVIL FRONT AND REAR RADIAL TIRES • Offers lighter weight, superior handling and exceptional ride performance • Special long-lasting natural rubber compound means superior tread life • Truck-like non-directional tread pattern provides a smooth ride • Strong shoulder and sidewall tread add protection and traction on sand, dirt or rocks • 20mm tread depth • Tubeless (TL) • Certified as compliant with FMVSS No. 119 for limited highway use LIGHTWEIGHT RACING VALVE SPRING KIT* FOR KAWASAKI 650R NINJA 06-16 • Designed to outperform and outlast the factory valve springs • Kit features lightweight, high-strength CrSi valve springs, H.T. steel base washers and titanium spring retainers • 0.400” lift; installed height 1.215”, seat pressure 39 lb., open seat pressure 136 lb. • Complete kit, everything you need for a complete valve spring swap VALVES AND VALVE GUIDES* • Extensive R&D on all applications to provide highperformance components that last longer than OEM • Black Diamond™ valves are one-piece forgings made from 21-4N high-performance stainless steel • Trademarked Black Diamond treatment provides a stem that has a longer life capacity • Tensilite® titanium valves are cut from solid U.S. milled titanium bar stock • Flow bench tested to optimize intake and exhaust profiles • Bar is cut, forged and then the valve stem is pulled from the forging and cross-section reduced, then given a final grinding and machining before being encased in a hard chromium nitride (CRN) shell • Valve guides are made of C630 nickel-aluminum bronze • Valves and guides are sold each • All components made in the U.S.A. STREET FITS MODEL DESCRIPTION SIZE PART # KAWASAKI Ninja 650R 06-16 C630 intake/​exhaust valve guide Std. 0926-3396 OFFROAD FITS MODEL DESCRIPTION SIZE PART # HONDA CRF250R/RX 18-21 Black Diamond ™ intake valve Std. 0926-3379 Black Diamond™ exhaust valve Std. 0926-3380 KAWASAKI KX250F 20-21 Tensilite titanium intake valve Std. 0926-3389 Tensilite titanium exhaust valve Std. 0926-3390 0926-3396 DESCRIPTION PART # Lightweight Racing Valve Spring Kit 0926-3395 SIZE PLY TL/TT PART # FRONT/​REAR 28x10R14 (255/​70R14) 8 TL 0320-1200 30x10R14 (255/​80R14) 8 TL 0320-1201 32x10R14 (255/​90R14) 8 TL 0320-1202 FRONT 25x8R12 (200/​80R12) 6 TL 0320-1190 26x9R12 (225/​80R12) 6 TL 0320-1192 26x9R14 (230/​65R14) 6 TL 0320-1196 27x9R12 (225/​80R12) 8 TL 0320-1194 FRONT (CONT) 27x9R14 (235/​70R14) 8 TL 0320-1198 REAR 25x10R12 (245/​65R12) 6 TL 0320-1191 26x11R12 (275/​65R12) 6 TL 0320-1193 26x11R14 (275/​55R14) 6 TL 0320-1197 27x11R12 (275/​70R12) 8 TL 0320-1195 27x11R14 (275/​60R14) 8 TL 0320-1199