2023 Parts Canada February Lowdown

STREET • OFFROAD • ATV/UTV • SNOWMOBILE • TIRE & SERVICE • HELMET & APPAREL • BICYCLE 3 partscanada.com iOMOUNTS® OFFSET ROLL CAGE PHONE MOUNT • Offset Roll Cage Mount allows the semisphere to be mounted away from the roll cage tubing giving more space between the device and the cage • Choose offset roll cage mount based on model or tubing diameter below • Using our razor-thin iOdisc on your device allows it to connect to our strong magnetic iOcore™ • Once mounted, device can swivel and rotate to the perfect angle for great visibility • iOdisc adhesive requires 24 hours of cure time • Kit includes Semisphere Offset Roll Cage Mount, two iOdiscs™, black iOcore™, and phone tether iOMOUNTS® ROLL CAGE PHONE MOUNT FOR CFMOTO ZFORCE 14-23 • Allows the iOsphere Roll Cage Backing Plate to mount on any cage tubing, in any location, with the correct strap clamp for the correct tubing size • 1.625" roll bar size • Using our razor-thin iOdisc™ on your device allows it to connect to our strong magnetic iOcore™ • Simple, secure and universal mounting system for your phone or device connects seamlessly to other Klock Werks iOmounts™ products, including phone mounts for your quad, dirt bike, car, home, office and more • Once mounted, device can swivel and rotate to the perfect angle for great visibility • iOdisc™ adhesive requires 24 hours of cure time FITS MODEL DECRIPTION PART # For CFMoto Zforce 14-23 1.625" 0502-0601 For Polaris RZR 14-23, Kawasaki KRX 1000 20-23, Arctic Cat Wildcat XX 18-23 1.75" 0502-0602 For Can-Am Maverick X3 17-23 1.85" 0502-0603 For Honda Talon 19-23, Polaris RZR Pro XP/​Turbo R/​Pro R 20-23 2.0" 0502-0604 • Purchase additional iOdisc disks to use multiple devices on the same mount • Kit includes: semisphere roll cage mount, two iOdiscs™, black iOcore™ and phone tether 0502-0601 0502-0604 DESCRIPTION PART # iOMOUNTS® Roll cage phone mount 0502-0600 RAM MOUNT UNIVERSAL BASES • Marine-grade aluminum with a black powdercoat finish • 1” rubber ball • Mirror post base fits any open mirror mount hole on motorcycles with relocated mirrors • Mounting hardware included PART # DESCRIPTION 0603-04581 Handlebar U-bolt/​brake/​clutch perch mount (.5-1.25” diameter) 1 Includes two: 1/4”-20 x 2” and two 6mm x 55mm screws for American and Metric thread applications. RAM TOUGH-CHARGE™ WATERPROOF WIRELESS CHARGING HOLDERS • Powdercoated, marine-grade aluminum construction with stainless steel components and high-strength composite • Designed with spring-loaded X-Grip® technology; features an ‘X’ design that expands and contracts to secure nearly any phone while taking advantage of Qi wireless phone charging • Four arms feature rubber-coated caps that hold devices firmly in place • Includes a 1” B-size rubber ball with a diamond base, perfect for attaching any B-size RAM double-socket arms • Connected Type-A male pigtail connector features an in-line switch that allows you to turn off the wireless charging module when not in use • Compatible with handheld devices that will fit the following dimensions: minimum width of 2.375” and maximum width of 3.25”, maximum depth of 0.875” • PART #s 0636-0173 and 0636-0174 include charging holder without mounting • PART #s 0636-0175 and 0636-0176 include a double-socket arm and mount; see chart below for specific mounts included • Safety device tether included that is recommended for outdoor applications PART # DESCRIPTION 0636-0174 Wireless charging holder w/ hardwire charger 0636-0175 Wireless charging holder w/ U-bolt handlebar mount and hardwire charger 0636-0176 Wireless charging holder w/ RAM Twist-Lock™ suction cup 0636-0176 0636-0174