2023 Parts Canada March Lowdown

STREET • OFFROAD • ATV/UTV • SNOWMOBILE • TIRE & SERVICE • HELMET & APPAREL • BICYCLE 13 partscanada.com PRO ADV/​OFFROAD TOOL KIT • Essential lightweight tools for adventure and offroad riding • Includes TrailTask ADV Chain Tool™ and BeadPro™ GARAGE TIRE SERVICE TOOL KIT • Essential tools for a quick and easy tire change • Includes BeadPro™ FS, Pro Fill™ air chuck, Rim Shield™ II, valve core remover and SlackSetter Pro™ ESSENTIAL TIRE TOOL KIT • Essential tools to help maintain your motorcycle • Includes Pro Fill™ air chuck, valve core remover, Bead Buddy® II and Rim Shield™ II DESCRIPTION PART # Pro ADV/Offroad Tool Kit 3812-0734 DESCRIPTION PART # Garage Tire Service Tool Kit 3812-0733 DESCRIPTION PART # Essential Tire Tool Kit 3812-0731