2023 PC April Lowdown

STREET • OFFROAD • ATV/UTV • SNOWMOBILE • TIRE & SERVICE • HELMET & APPAREL • BICYCLE 12 partscanada.com CORE MANUAL TORQDRIVE® CLUTCH KIT • The Core Manual TorqDrive clutch delivers unprecedented performance, tuning and durability • TorqDrive provides more disks in less space, allowing up to four additional friction disks over stock • More frictions = more torque capacity, thus unlocking the full power of your engine without the need to add stiffer pressure plate springs • Provides more consistent clutch lever feel and behavior • Can be set up to maintain a stock, or lighter than stock, lever pull depending on engine tuning • Rekluse sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching • Proven in racing at the highest levels • Made in the U.S.A. FITS MODEL PART # HUSQVARNA TC250 23, TX300 23 1130-0678 FITS MODEL PART # KTM 250SX 23, 250XC 23 1130-0678 300SX 23, 300XC 23 1130-0678 RADIUSCX CLUTCH KIT • RadiusCX is a top-of-the-line auto clutch product that brings together all of Rekluse's latest technology into one package • TorqDrive friction disk technology coupled with EXP and Core technology results in significant advancement in auto performance with exceptional hook-up, lever feel and durability • Better starts, carry more speed, focus on the line and not on the clutch • Perfect power delivery every time • Maintain momentum; use the torque of your motor without worrying about stalling • Increased power transfer over OEM • Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain • Optimized pressure plate design provides our best lever feel; consistent control and behavior • Core components deliver improved oil flow and stability over wide temperature ranges • TorqDrive friction disks provide longer clutch life with less adjustment over time • Rekluse sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching FITS MODEL PART # HUSQVARNA TC250 23, TX300 23 1130-0679 FITS MODEL PART # KTM 250SX 23, 250XC 23 1130-0679 300SX 23, 300XC 23 1130-0679 ADJUSTABLE CLUTCH KIT FOR KAWASAKI KRX1000 20-23 • Hardened steel construction for strength and durability • Has individual magnetic weights for fine tuning clutch launch and engagement • Magnetic weights can be adjusted from 87g bare to 109g fully loaded in increments of 1.4g • More efficient power transfer for longer belt and clutch life • Includes setup sheets with clutch weight loading suggestions based on engine and tire/​wheel size combinations PART # 1131-3857 • Made in the U.S.A.