2023 PC April Lowdown

STREET • OFFROAD • ATV/UTV • SNOWMOBILE • TIRE & SERVICE • HELMET & APPAREL • BICYCLE 17 partscanada.com SM-5 • Constructed from a special lightweight and impact resistant thermoinjected polymer results in a significantly lighter helmet with increased structural strength and outer shell uniformity in two outer shell sizes • Inner shell includes multi-density advanced EPS construction for optimal impact absorption performance in three sizes • Features two concepts for impact energy management including a resin-coated inner shell surface that noticeably improves impact resistance and reduces linear acceleration values and an elastic joint to connect the helmet’s inner shell and comfort liner to move independently in a crash scenario with an oblique impact, thereby spreading the energy forces from an impact, reducing rotational acceleration • Uses Alpinestars Emergency Release System (ERS) consisting of removable cheek pads for safe, quick and easy removal of the helmet by trained medical professionals/​emergency responders in the event of a crash • The ERS features easy to locate pull-tabs for rapid release of the cheek pads, thus minimizing risk of additional injury • Includes a multi-angle, quick-release visor system that is flush over the helmet’s shell to diminish the visor protrusion from the helmet thereby enhancing safety, doesn’t use screws used in the visor for increased levels of safety and convenience to be easily adjusted and allows for ease of detachment and reconnection from the helmet in order to facilitate helmet cleaning and maintenance • Designed to offer exceptional ventilation to prevent overheating on warm track/​trail days, with the inner air network channeling combining with the outer-shell’s multi-air inlets and exhaust ports for effective ventilation and high levels of heat transfer exchange • Hydration tube compatible channels are intelligently integrated into the helmet’s cheek pads for convenience and performance • DOT FMVSS218 and ECE 22.05 certified B SOLAR FLARE SIZE (A) BLACK/​FLUO RED/​FLUO YELLOW (B) BLACK/​GREY S 0110-7845 0110-7847 M 0110-7833 0110-7835 SIZE (A) BLACK/​FLUO RED/​FLUO YELLOW (B) BLACK/​GREY L 0110-7846 0110-7848 XL 0110-7834 0110-7836 ACTION SIZE (C) RED/​WHITE/FLUO YELLOW (D) WHITE/​CYAN/​BLACK (E) BLACK/​BLUE/​FLUO YELLOW S 0110-7839 0110-7841 0110-7843 M 0110-7827 0110-7829 0110-7831 L 0110-7840 0110-7842 0110-7844 XL 0110-7828 0110-7830 0110-7832 A C D E