2024 Parts Canada January Lowdown

12 partscanada.com STREET • OFFROAD • ATV/UTV • SNOWMOBILE • BICYCLE • TIRE & SERVICE • HELMET & APPAREL 23-24 YAMAHA YZ450F SIGNATURE SERIES RS-12 SYSTEM • Max HP is increased by 8% and max torque is bumped an incredible 13%! • The new RS-12 system unlocked some key power in the right places. The lower and mid RPM range is really enhanced while not disrupting the handling characteristics on the new YZ chassis • Other highlights of the RS-12 system are the machined joints on the key tube junctions to insure a good clean interface between joints. A built in resonator chamber on the muffler, a matte carbon fiber end cap and a PTF low volume sound insert completes the RS-12. • Spark arrestor sold separately. • The RS-12 proudly designed, developed and made in the USA DESCRIPTION PART # 23-24 YZ450F RS-12 Full System SS/AL/CF 1820-2033 DESCRIPTION PART # 2023 ZX-4RR AT2 SO SS/SS/CF WF 1811-4506 2023 KAWASAKI ZX4-RR AT2 STREET SERIES SO SS/SS/CF WF • The AT2 came through in performance, sound, and weight savings. HP was bumped up by an increase of 3% and torque was bumped up as well, adding 4.3%. Our mission of adding power and torque throughout the entire spectrum was accomplished • The sound of this inline four at 16,000 rpms with our AT2 is simply something that must be experienced in real life. True music! Finally, the styling of the AT2 can't be beat. It's now iconic matte carbon fiber end cap and heat shield compliment the lines of the ZX-4RR to perfection • Our AT2 slip-on is proudly designed and manufactured in Chino, California