2024 Parts Canada January Lowdown

3 partscanada.com STREET • OFFROAD • ATV/UTV • SNOWMOBILE • BICYCLE • TIRE & SERVICE • HELMET & APPAREL LOCK-ON GRIPS • Internal lettering for perfect alignment to the handlebar • Easy installation thanks to lock-on system • 100% non-slip molded-in thermosensitive Bergaflex • Maximum sensitivity thanks to the diamond design • External diameter designed to optimize contact for the palms and fingers • Internal design of clutch-side grip tube guarantees an increase in comfort, absorbing impacts and vibrations COLOUR PART # (A) Black 0630-2930 (B) Blue 0630-2927 COLOUR PART # (C) Green 0630-2925 (D) Grey 0630-2928 COLOUR PART # (E) Orange 0630-2929 (F) Red 0630-2926 • Flange reinforced by three internal ribs • Throttle-side grip tube with micrometric adjustment cam to combine multiple models • Stainless steel clamping screw • Different cams will fit most motorcycles • Improved safety and durability • Sold in pairs C B F D E A CHALLENGER 300LX • A “lighter” classic Challenger derivative, with redesigned outside lugs, general replacement for stock Skidoo MY17-21 DIMENSIONS DRIVE PITCH LUG HEIGHT WEIGHT FEATURES RECOMMENDED USE PART # CHALLENGER 300LX 15” x 154” 3.5” 3.00” N/A Full rod Powder 1240-0316 15” x 165” 3.5” 3.00” N/A Full rod Powder 1240-0317 DESCRIPTION PART # 4 liter, ea. 3602-0119 SNOW RACING 2 2-STROKE RACING MOTOR OIL • Synthetic Plus high-end, smokeless lubricant, specially designed for the latest generation of 2-stroke snowmobiles • Smokeless formulation is designed to work perfectly with power-valve engines • Synthetic Plus base is perfect for the latest generation of engines using a fuel injection system (E-tec, C-tec) • Special oil injection formulation allows it to be used in oil pump injection or premix engines • Special strawberry additive substantially reduces the typical and unpleasant burned oil smell • API TC and JASO FD • 1 liter bottle, 15 per case; 4 liter bottle, 6 per case