2024 Parts Canada Renthal June Featured Products


JUNE FEATURED PRODUCTS 2 RENTHAL REFUELS DEMAND FOR POPULAR PURPLE HANDLEBARS To answer market demand that has remained since the launch of our ‘Limited Edition’ Modern Retro Purple Handlebars from April 2022, Renthal is back with 90’s vibes once again, with another run of our very popular Purple Handlebars! While this time around these bars are NOT considered a ‘Limited Edition’ product, due to the unique circumstances involved in anodizing Purple, this requires Renthal to organize ordering windows for this product; Therefore, quantities available to consumers will be limited to those quantities pre-booked by our distribution partners. Dealers and consumers should act quickly to secure whichever product they desire. This ‘new’ Purple Handlebar offering come equipped with our familiar Black, Red, White corporate colors bar pads, and therefore new part numbers as well. For customers looking to replicate the LE Modern Retro Bars from April ‘22, Renthal has made the Modern Retro Purple and Hi-Viz Yellow SX & Fatbar Bar Pads available as separate aftermarket packaged pads; Using the same, existing part numbers (P332 & P333). For any further questions, please contact your distributor representative. TYPE PART NUMBER Twinwall 0601-6423 TYPE PART NUMBER Twinwall 0601-6424 TYPE PART NUMBER Twinwall 0601-6425 TYPE PART NUMBER Twinwall 0601-6426 TYPE PART NUMBER 7/8in Handlebar 0601-6427 996 Twinwall® (Villopoto/ Stewart/Hon CRF 2019+) 997 Twinwall® (RC / HON CRF 04-18 KAW KX/KXF 2006+) 998 Twinwall® (REED / WINDHAM) 999 Twinwall® (MCGRATH / KTM SX125-450 2016+) 809 7/8in Handlebar (RC HIGH)

JUNE FEATURED PRODUCTS 3 TYPE PART NUMBER 7/8in Handlebar 0601-6428 TYPE PART NUMBER 7/8in Handlebar 0601-6429 TYPE PART NUMBER Fatbar 0601-6430 TYPE PART NUMBER Fatbar 0601-6431 TYPE PART NUMBER Fatbar 0601-6433 TYPE PART NUMBER Fatbar 0601-6432 TYPE PART NUMBER Fatbar 0601-6434 966 7/8in Handlebar (YZ/WR 1997-2004) 971 7/8in Handlebar (RC / HON CRF 04-18KAW KX/ KXF 2006+) 604 Fatbar® (RC / HON CRF 04-18 KAW KX/KXF 2006+) 609 Fatbar® (RC HIGH) 827 Fatbar® (VILLOPOTO/ STEWART / HON CRF 2019+) 821 Fatbar® (MCGRATH / KTM SX125-450 2016+) 839 Fatbar® (HON CRF 2018+ / KAW KX 2021+)

JUNE FEATURED PRODUCTS 4 TYPE PART NUMBER SX Bar Pad 0601-5720 TYPE PART NUMBER Fatbar Pad 0601-5721 Purple Yellow 10” SX Bar Pad Purple Yellow Fatbar Pad