2023 May Risk Feature Flyer

ADJUSTABLE TOP STAND WITH MAGNETIC SIDE PLATES • Not all bikes have a level chassis, which affects the way the bike sits on a stand; often bikes tilt forward or backward, causing the front of rear tire to drag on the ground • The ATS Magnetic Moto Stand solves this issue with a fully adjustable top ensuring every bike sits level on the stand • Constructed of powdercoated steel • Fully adjustable top features a nonslip rubber pad that is chemical-resistant, thick and hard-wearing • Turnbuckles are anodized aluminum and equipped with locknuts • Magnetic side plates hold nuts and bolts PART NO. 4101-0491 PART NO. 4110-0141 RR1 RIDE-ON LIFT/​STAND • Ride off the track and directly onto your stand • Simply push or ride the bike onto the flattened lift and the lift does the rest • Lockable in the up or down position • Lightweight – only 17 lb. • Works with MX-specific bikes 85cc-450cc PART NO. 9501-0153 RISK RACING FACTORY PIT MAT • Constructed of high-quality durable, chemical-resistant PVC • Creates a clean and stable environment for your bike • Rolls up and stores in the included zippered nylon tote bag for easy transport • Pairs perfectly with the RR1 Ride-On Lift/​Stand (PART #4110-0141)

HOLESHOT PRACTICE STARTING GATE • Races can be won or lost at the drop of the gate, so perfecting the starting technique is key to MX racers who want to be on the podium • Improve reaction time and learn to control power out of the gate and into the first corner • The “Holeshot” is a completely random-timed, electronic, wireless, practice starting gate • Allows riders to independently practice starts • When the rider presses the wireless remote button mounted on their crossbar pad, it will activate a computer-controlled timing sequence, which will drop the gate randomly • Watch the glowing LED, when it starts blinking it is like the 30-second board turning sideways • The gate will now drop randomly between one to five seconds • Resetting the gate is as easy as riding by and stepping on the backside of the hoop without dismounting • Multiple gates can be electronically linked for multi-racer, bar banging practice • Instant-drop feature allows a trainer to bypass the random timing sequence and drop the gate instantly when the button is pressed COLOUR PART NO. Red 0630-1908 Blue 0630-1909 Green 0630-1910 Orange 0630-1911 Yellow 0630-1912 FUSION 2.0 GRIPS PART NO. 0630-1918 PART NO. 9501-0154 MUD GRIPS 0630-1908 0630-1909 0630-1910 0630-1911 0630-1912 • Dual-compound Motocross Grips with Fusion Bonding System, which eliminates the need for grip glue and grip wire • The ergonomic “wave” on the flange of the grip reduces pressure points between the riders thumb and the grip flange • Grip design greatly reduces heat and pressure, which reduces blistering and increases rider comfort • The included Fusion Bonding System consists of two Fusion bonding strips and one Fusion spray catalyst bottle • Easy to install: clean your handlebar, apply the included bonding strips, shake and spray the included catalyst to the exposed bonding strips, quickly apply grips and you’re done • At first the catalyst acts as a lubricant for easy grip installation, but after it dries it creates a lasting bond • For 7/ 8” handlebars and twist throttles • 115mm L • Sold in pairs • Grip cover that allows riders to maintain control of their bike when riding or competing in muddy conditions • Enable riders to keep a tight grasp by making the grips feel dry, even on the nastiest tracks or trails • Every rider has, at one point or another, experienced arm pump from gripping too hard while trying to hold onto wet, muddy, slippery grips during a ride in the rain or on an over-watered track • By slipping the Risk Racing Mud Grip over their regular grips, they can prevent slippage and loss of control, while helping to reduce the chances of arm pump • The material compresses to almost zero thickness, so the rider barely notices that the Mud Grip is on • When coated with mud, the grips disperse the muck and create a tactile surface area that is equivalent to a dry grip • Make a slippery, muddy grip feel dry when riding • Ultra-thin design does not affect grip diameter • Slide over any MX, ATV, MTB or BMX grip • Sold in pairs

PART NO. 0630-1919 GRIP DONUTS • Increase comfort by protecting the rider’s thumbs from blisters caused by riding on the inside of the grips • Sold in pairs DESCRIPTION PART NO. 400 lumens (200lm spot, 200lm flood) 3850-0551 650 lumens (350lm spot, 350lm flood) 3850-0552 FLEXIT POCKET LIGHTS • Bend the head up to 180° to the exact angle that gets light where you need it most • Utilize the spotlight or floodlight LEDs to project light or light a wide area • Red Mode is also an option to improve night vision • Attaches with the dual-pivot pocket clip, nested hang hook or stick it to any magnetic surface • Powered by a rechargeable, 2000 mAh (PART #3850-0551) or 3350 mAh (PART #3850-0552) lithium battery with a USB type-C connection 3850-0552 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Lock-N-Load Pro 3820-0030 Lock-N-Load Mini Pro 3820-0031 LOCK-N-LOAD PRO AND MINI PRO MOTOCROSS TRANSPORT SYSTEMS 3820-0031 3820-0030 • No more web of straps, wheel chocks or floor anchors: this is a much simpler and cleaner solution • Aluminum construction • Built tough to transport bikes safely and lightweight enough to store on a shelf in your garage when not in use • Load more bikes and gear in a truck or trailer - load bikes shroud to shroud, four bikes wide in a toy hauler • Rubberized jaw pad keeps bike more secure and protects footpegs • Simply flip the switch to lock or release the arm ratchet system; flip the switch down when locking the bike down then flip the switch up to allow the jaws to release • Low-profile plate mounts into your truck, trailer or van; allows lateral adjustability for wider bikes • Saves fork seals by drastically reducing fork seal pressures - leave bikes in trailers overnight • Quick release from trailer floor so that only the low-profile plates remain on the floor • Available in Pro and Mini Pro sizes • Lock-N-Load Pro is fully adjustable and designed for full-size MX bikes 85cc to 690cc with a maximum weight of 315 lb. • Lock-N-Load Mini Pro is fully adjustable and designed for small MX bikes 50cc to 110cc with a maximum weight of 315 lb.

PART NO. 3850-0415 STKR MOBILE TASK LIGHT • Versatile, bright, lightweight and durable • Floods a room, work area or campsite with a powerful array of light • Dual-position lens: focused area mode or ultra-flood mode • 180° adjustable aluminum head • High-tensile steel frame with hanging hooks; can be mounted on camera tripod • Four modes: High, Med, Low, Strobe • 1200 lumens • USB rechargeable PART NO. 3850-0416 FLEXIT SOLAR FLASHLIGHT • Hands-free LED task light with ultra-thin flexible body • High-output Cree LED spotlight surrounded by 10 wide-angle LEDs; 500 lumens • Four red LEDs for “night vision” and two-colour, rapid-flashing hazard option • Nonslip, non-marring rubber base features two large neodymium (rare earth) magnets and a loop to hang or mount light • Durable Shape-Loc™ frame allows users to bend, fold, wrap, stick or hook FLEXiT around objects to position and aim light • Dual charging options: 2000mAh lithium-ion solar or USB rechargeable TRILIGHT DROP LIGHT V2 • 5000 lumens with wide-angle LEDs • Adjustable aluminum heads • Aim the light exactly where it is needed • Prop the light up, hang the light or utilize this brilliant light as a handheld flashlight • Drop light offers a smooth flood of light, no hot spots • Durable ABS handle and hook • Flat standing base PART NO. 3850-0414 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Lock-n-load strapless transport system 3820-0024 Junior lock-n-load strapless transport system 3820-0025 Trailer plates 3820-0026 Truck plates 3820-0027 LOCK-N-LOAD STRAPLESS TRANSPORT SYSTEMS • No straps, wheel chocks or floor anchors needed • Bikes can be loaded shroud-to-shroud • Saves fork seals by drastically reducing fork seal pressures • Quick release from trailer floor (only the low-profile plates with extra “D” Ring remain attached to floor) • Available in Standard and Junior sizes • Includes trailer-plate set • Truck-plate set sold separately 3820-0025 3820-0024

PART NO. 3850-0385 MUD AXE • Head is shaped to make swift work of muddy fenders, hubs and wheels • Pick is perfect for clearing footpegs, brake pedals, engine bays, suspension linkages and any other tight spot • Ergonomic “arched” design of the body is great for scraping the inside of your fender while keeping your hands clean • Overmolded rubber handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip • Constructed of a heat-resistant glass-reinforced plastic composite which makes it extremely durable and safe to use on hot engines and exhaust PART NO. 3850-0567 FLI-PRO TELESCOPING LIGHT • Total max light output: 1200 lumens • Flood light output: 900 lumens; 30m beam distance, 140° beam angle, red SMD LEDs • Spotlight output: 400 lumens; 150m beam distance, 60° beam angle • Press to turn ON, press to change mode, press and hold to increase/d​ ecrease brightness (light blinks to indicate minimum or maximum brightness level); after five seconds of no mode change, next button press is OFF • Telescoping light remembers the last mode used after turning off and will return to that mode/​brightness level when powered back on • Six light modes: spotlight, flood light, spotlight and flood light, red flood light, flashlight, red flood light, flashing flood light and off • Power button battery level indicator LEDs turn on for five seconds when light is turned on or off (red = 0-9%, yellow = 25-59% and green = 60-100% battery level) • Runtimes at 100% brightness: spotlight : 4.5 hours, flood light: 1.5 hours, spotlight and flood light: 1 hour • Includes Fli-Pro flashlight, telescoping rods, tripod, wireless remote and carrying bag DESCRIPTION PART NO. TRi-MOBILE light and tripod 3850-0569 TRi-MOBILE light only 3850-0568 TRI-MOBILE WORK LIGHT AND STAND • Total max light output: 2000 lumens • Three brightness modes: high, medium or low • Light temperature button: when light is ON press the sun button to change the colour temperature of the light; two modes: cool white or warm white • Battery level indicator LEDs turn on when light is turned on: 1 = 0-24%, 2 = 2549%, 3 = 50-74% and 4 = 75-100% battery level available • Runtime: high 1.5 hours, low 8 hours • The TRi-MOBILE work light can be used as a projection light, flood light, overhead light, table lamp, 360° lantern, etc. • Three aluminum LED heads rotate and pivot independently creating an infinite combination of light arrays • Hands-free with three neodymium magnets embedded in the base or just hang the TRi-MOBILE from the hook nested in the base • Optional tripod • Waterproof rating: IPX4 • Indoor/​outdoor use • Impact resistance: 1m • Package includes TRi-MOBILE light, tripod stand and DC charger, unless noted PART NO. 3850-0534 FLEXIT HEADLAMP PRO • Combines comfort and ergonomics with performance and usability • Design features side-mounted C.O.B. flood LEDs that deliver 240° halo lighting • Illuminates user’s peripheral vision in all directions, eliminating tunnel vision • Adjustable center perch houses a Cree spotlight projecting 650 lumens • C.O.B. LEDs feature red night vision; red LEDs do not appear as bright to the human eye and won’t dilate the eyes for natural night vision • Control spotlight and floodlight by conveniently located temple buttons on both sides of your head; hold down to dim or brighten the lights independently • Features 360° red flashing hazard light; rear-facing red light and side-mounted lights blink, ensuring the user is seen from all angles • Equipped with a 3350 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery PART NO. 3850-0447 FLEXIT HEADLAMP • Weight-balanced body, backed with a laminated layer of foam and soft-touch felt that conforms to the user’s head • Side-mounted LEDs deliver 180° halo lighting • Adjustable center perch houses a Cree spotlight projecting 250 lumens 3850-0569 3850-0568

PART NO. 3850-0513 MULTI-POINT ILLUMINATION MOTION GARAGE CEILING LIGHT • 5400K daylight white; 7500 total Lumens • Multi-point illumination (MPI) creates five points of light, all from your existing fixture • Installs in minutes and is powered by a standard ceiling fixture • 360° adjustable motion sensor sensitivity up to a 20’ radius; features a two minute timer • Motion sensor features different modes for minimum to maximum sensitivity and an Off mode • MPI hub dimensions: 7.6” x 7.5” x 4.25”; pod dimensions: 4.1” x 3.9” x 2” • Cord length of 9.5’ PART NO. 3850-0384 FLEXIT LIGHT • Ultra-thin flexible material • 16 bright Lumen Tech LEDs • Four light functions (low, medium, high, flashing) • Long-operation time • Two rare earth magnets for easy hands-free operation • Batteries included PART NO. 3850-0383 LIGHT MINE PROFESSIONAL • Front white light – eight powerful Lumen Tech LEDs • Back red light – four powerful Lumen Tech LEDs • 12 rare earth magnets for easy hands-free operation • Four light functions: Low-power spot, high-power flood, red night-vision, high-visibility signal beacon • Batteries included PART NO. 3850-0382 MAGNETIC LIGHT MINE • Bright wide-angle LED • 12 rare earth magnets for easy hands-free operation • Small to fit in tight spaces (about the size of a golf ball) • Batteries included