2021 PC November Skinny

OCTOBER 2021 THE DRAGSPECIALTIES 15 dragspecialties.com NOTE: GASKETS NOT INCLUDED. TO STOCK YOUR BOARD FOR INITIAL SET-UP AT TIME OF ORDER, SEE CHART BELOW OR CONTACT YOUR SALES REP. JAMES/​OEM PART # DRAG PART # QTY. 11116 DS‑174341 25‑pk. 11117 DS‑174351 25‑pk. 11147A DS‑174316 10‑pk. 11148 DS‑174489 25‑pk. 11171 DS‑174340 25‑pk. 11191 DS‑174374 25‑pk. 12051 DS‑174342 5‑pk. 12052 DS‑174343 5‑pk. 12066 DS‑194084 5‑pk. 12053A DS‑194089 5‑pk. 25416‑70X DS‑174457 10‑pk. JAMES/​OEM PART # DRAG PART # QTY. 25416‑84 DS‑174345 10‑pk. 25416‑84X DS‑173501 10‑pk. 25416‑99B DS‑173230 5‑pk. 25416‑99X 0934‑0289 5‑pk. 31320‑80 DS‑174441 10‑pk. 31321‑80 DS‑174442 10‑pk. 31341‑80‑DL DS‑174486 5‑pk. 31433‑84A DS‑174346 20‑pk. 33345‑89 DS‑174339 10‑pk. 34901‑79B DS‑174959 5‑pk. 34901‑94A/C DS‑174322 5‑pk. JAMES/​OEM PART # DRAG PART # QTY. 34906‑79A DS‑173478 5‑pk. 34906‑85X DS‑173535 5‑pk. 60518‑65 DS‑174440 10‑pk. 60538‑81C DS‑174352 5‑pk. 60539‑94 DS‑174308 5‑pk. 60559‑80 DS‑174443 10‑pk. 60567‑65B DS‑174305 5‑pk. 60641‑74 DS‑194462 5‑pk. 60645‑65 DS‑174230 10‑pk. FOR 99-06 TWIN CAM 5-SPEED PRIMARIES PART # DESCRIPTION 9903‑0101 Gasket, seal and O‑ring display GASKET, SEAL AND O-RING DISPLAY FOR 99-06 TWIN CAM 5-SPEED PRIMARIES • Complete four-color display features every gasket, seal and O-ring necessary to install any 4- or 5-speed Big Twin primary • Displays are 20 mil flexible vinyl and come with all necessary hooks and clamshells • Mounts easily on any 1 / 8 ” or 1 / 4 ” pegboard • Designed so three 48” W x 32” H displays will fit on a single sheet of 4’ x 8’ pegboard • Gaskets, seals and O-rings are not included; a list is furnished to allow you to stock the products that you require • Made in the U.S.A. OUTER PRIMARY COVERS • Complete four-color display features every gasket, seal • Rugged, die-cast aluminum construction with a chrome-plated or satin black finish • Starter shaft bushings included; seals and other components must be ordered separately to complete installation PART # DESCRIPTION 1107-0324 For 07‑17 Softail; repl. OEM #60782‑06 - Chrome TRANSMISSION TOP COVERS • Beautifully complements other chrome or flat black engine and transmission pieces PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 99‑06 FLHT/ FLHR/ FLTR MODELS; REPL. OEM #S 34468‑98, 34464‑98, 34541‑00, 34549‑01 1105-0241 Black