2021 PC December Skinny

DECEMBER 2021 THE DRAGSPECIALTIES 17 dragspecialties.com DESIGNER SERIES DOT ABS-SPECIFIC ALTERNATIVE LENGTH UPPER FRONT BRAKE LINES • Manufactured with an enhanced construction designed to be compatible with Harley-Davidson ® ABS requirements for alternate length brake lines • 35° upper brake line banjo angles ensure a great fit • AN-3 connections make for easy installations • All fittings are highly polished and chrome or black chrome-plated • The Industry’s highest quality braid available in two color choices to complement your bike: Sterling Chromite ® or Black Pearl • Braid color and weave match all Magnum control cables and brake lines • Crystal-clear PVC outer jacket offers exceptional protection against scuffing paint or chrome and will never discolor • Inner PTFE tubing braided with Aramid Fiber reinforcement provides the ultimate in high performance by greatly reducing line expansion • Must be used in conjunction with the Designer Series lower brake line kits (sold separately) • Compliant with all DOT FMVSS-106 Specifications DuPont ™ and Kevlar ® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. NOTE: Magnum Shielding brake lines are designed to follow the same routing path as OE. Upper brake lines will require the use of adapters (sold separately) to install. Use PART #1742-0658 for 18-21 models or PART #1742-0458 for 12-17 models (see the 2021 Drag Specialties FatBook). Harley-Davidson ® motorcycles equipped with ABS (anti-lock brake system) require ABS specific upper and lower brake line kits. Failure to do so may result in compromised anti-lock braking ability. Magnum Shielding upper brake line kits manufactured specifically for these applications are identified with the letters “ABS” printed directly on the brake hose. IMPORTANT – HOW TO ORDER: Alternative fitments: Based on your specific routing, optional upper brake line fitments for handlebars changes are accommodated by using the alternate length chart for available lengths. Upper line length is determined using the stock master cylinder line as a guide. 11-17 Softail: Adapter required. 18+ Softail: Adapter required. ALTERNATIVE LENGTH UPPER BRAKE LINES LENGTH STERLING CHROMITE BLACK PEARL 12MM/35° BANJO 22” 1741-6153 1741-6159 24” 1741-6154 1741-6160 26” 1741-6155 1741-6161 28” 1741-6156 1741-6162 30” 1741-6157 1741-6163 32” 1741-6158 1741-6164 34” - 1741-6165 36” - 1741-6166 1741-6153 1741-6159