2021 PC September Skinny

SEPTEMBER 2021 THE DRAGSPECIALTIES dragspecialties.com 2 2-INTO-1 SYSTEM WITH TWO-STEP HEADER* • Designed for peak performance and style • Maximize horsepower and torque • 1.75” to 1.875” 16-gauge stepped primary headers that merge into a 2.5” collector • 2.50” high-flow baffles wrapped in stainless steel wool and high-temperature fiberglass • 2.50” tapered baffle exit cone to enhance low-end torque • 2.25”, 220° 16-gauge heat shields • Available with a black finish • 18mm and 12mm O 2 bungs welded into the primaries • Made in the U.S.A. SISSY BAR SIDE PLATES • Steel side plates with a black finish • Docking hardware is not included; use standard H-D detachable docking hardware • Accept any round or square 11” W Khrome Werks sissy bar • Made in the U.S.A. FLARE ™ 5” TINT WINDSHIELD • Wind tunnel designed and tested, the “hips” provide added downforce for stability while the “flip” at the tip directs air up and over the rider to help eliminate swirling and buffeting • Made from unmatched durability Lexan ® polycarbonate with FMR hard coating on both sides of the windshield • All are predrilled for easy mounting using stock windshield hardware • For the entire line of Flare windshields, the Drag Specialties 2021 FatBook • Made in the U.S.A. The Klock Werks Flare ™ Windshields are protected under United States Patents: D632235S, D586274S, D586275S, D633017S, D626046S, D633018S And also under International Patents: 324093, 324094, 325192. PART # DESCRIPTION 1800-2513 For 09-16 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX and FLTRX models PART # DESCRIPTION 1504-0105 For 09-21 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTR w/ detachable docking hardware PART # DESCRIPTION 2310-0705 For 14-21 FLHT/​FLHX AND FLHTCUTG MODELS Shown with endcap 1861-1454 PART # DESCRIPTION 9904-1526 Legend Showroom Display Program LEGEND SHOWROOM DISPLAY PROGRAM Purchase any eight REVO ARC, REVO AIR or AXEO kits and receive: • Counter display plate • REVO ARC decal • REVO-A decal • Legend logo decals • Tech decals • Tech posters • Demo clings • Brochures