2022 PC November Skinny

THE DRAG SPECIALTIES 11 NOVEMBER 2022 dragspecialties.com FEULING Fueling engineers world-class high-performance parts for American V-Twins. They do extensive R&D research and have the highest levels of quality control to ensure every part they make improves the performance and reliability of your motorcycle. VENTED DIPSTICKS • Billet dipsticks vent/b​ reathe excessive crank case pressure from the oil tank through a PCV style breather consisting of an oil separator system, perforated disc, replaceable filter element and umbrella flapper valve • Screws into the factory oil fill spout as a stock replacement part • These breathing dipsticks remove unwanted build-up of blowby pressure • Larger cubic inch engines as well as engines with worn and/or loose ring clearances will have increased blowby • Blowby is pressure that is forced past the rings and cylinders, pushed into the crankcase and then forced back into the oil tank • Feuling test results show a decrease in engine oil sump levels, more freely/​ smoother revving engine, increased MPG and decreased blowby • Dipsticks vent/​breath excessive crank case pressure from the oil tank through a breather system consisting of a oil separator system, perforated disc, replaceable filter element and umbrella flapper valve • Kits includes two venting styles options to choose from when installing the dipstick • Option 1:1/8" NPT breather vent fitting with internal porous filter element (this option gives a clean look, however it can produce an oil misting/r​esidue out of the element on engines with excessive leakdown/​blowby) • Option 2: Quick-disconnect coupler fitting with rubber hose and filter element (this option will run any excessive oil misting/​residue through the line and into the filter element; however this option does requires disconnecting the fitting in order to check the oil) • For Option 2, Feuling recommends routing the line up the frame rail, up under the seat/​abs area then back down along the right side frame rail and the filter element can fit cleanly between the engine/​trans matting area on the inside of the lower right frame rail • Checking oil level: There are two ways to read the oil level with this dipstick, with the bike on the jiffy stand (FHS) or the bike upright and level (FHU) • FHS = FULL HOT STAND • FHU = FULL HOT UPRIGHT • Available in polished or fade-resistant black • Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: These dipsticks do get hot; use a glove when checking oil level. NOTE: It is important to get the correct hot oil level in your bike. Feuling recommends running the oil level 90%-99% full when hot. NOTE: The oil pick up port is on the right side of the engine. Letting the bike idle or warm up on the kickstand will naturally fill the engine case and skew the oil level in the tank. 1012-0257 1012-0259 LIFTER ANTI-ROTATION PINS • Excessive engine noise can be produced when there is excess clearance between the lifters and the anti-rotation pins • New pins create a balanced and quieter engine with proper pin clearance • Feuling recommends a max clearance of 0.002-0.003 • Sold as 2-pk. • Made in the U.S.A. PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 99-17 TWIN CAM MOTORS 0929-0088 Stock replacement standard diameter; repl. OEM #18535-99 0929-0089 +0.002 oversized diameter 0929-0088 SHORT SUMP PLUGS • A common issue with both Twin Cam and M-Eight engines (more common with M-Eight) is the sump plug can block off the internal scavenge (return) pick up port • By using a shorter plug, we eliminate the possibility of the plug blocking off this cross port • The further the bottom plug installs into the case, the more of the scavenge cross port is blocked off • Fuel plug is 0.265” tall vs. OEM 0.465” • PART #0950-0991 sold to dealer as a 6-pk.; sold to consumer each (suggested retail reflects each pricing) • Made in the U.S.A. PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 17-22 M-EIGHT, 99-17 TWIN CAM MOTORS 0950-0990 Short sump plug (ea.) 0950-0991 Short sump plugs (6-pk.) PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 99-06 FLT/​FLHT/​FLHR/​FLTR/​FLHX AND H-D TRIKE MODELS 1012-0258 Polished 1012-0259 Black FOR 99-05 DYNA MODELS 1012-0257 Polished 1012-0260 Black