2022 Parts Canada March Skinny

MARCH 2022 THE DRAG SPECIALTIES 11 dragspecialties.com FORGED BILLET DRIFT RIMS • All rims are CNC-machined from radial forged 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum road durability and strength-to-weight ratio • Features a rolled rim lip for the custom look and detailed CNC machine work from the center of the hub to the edge of the rim • Rims can be used on both front and/or rear applications when correct hub kit is installed (sold separately) • Rims accept Arlen Ness hub kits (sold separately), which allow full wheels to be assembled in minutes with basic tools • Structurally tested to meet or exceed DOT, JAS and TUV international load ratings NOTE: Arlen Ness hub kits must be purchased separately to install. Please see the 2021 Drag Specialties FatBook or the Drag Specialties/​Parts Canada Indian catalogue for required hub kits. DESCRIPTION CHROME BLACK FRONT RIMS 21” x 3.50” 0210-0396 0210-0395 REAR RIMS 18” x 5.50” 0210-0394 0210-0393 ONE-PIECE ALUMINUM WHEELS • Forged wheels place the highest material strength in the same direction as the operating load, creating a light and strong wheel • Features the contour rim lip for a graceful arc from rim to lip NOTE: Models with TPMS will require PART #0360-0056 (sold separately) NOTE: Front wheels listed as fitting 14-21 Dresser models will require the use of PM front brake rotors (3.25” bolt circle). NOTE: 14-21 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX 21” front wheels include fender relocation brackets for use with stock front fenders. REAR AXLE ADJUSTER KIT • 25 mm stainless steel axle • Improves handling and lifespan of belts, chains and tires • Removable rear stand spools • Kit includes rear axle, sliders, adjuster mounts, safety e-clips, axle nut and upper and lower shock mount bolts and spacers • Available in black or gold finishes METHOD DRIVER FLOORBOARDS • CNC-machined billet floorboard bodies • Vibration isolating footrests offer enhanced foot traction through Airtrax style rubber tops that feature a proprietary internal structure engineered specifically to absorb vibration associated with V-twin engines • Extended length for added comfort and more foot room • Dimensions: 18” L x 5.75” W x 1” Thick • Sold in pairs • AirTrax style shift pegs and footpegs are available separately for matching passenger footrests and control arm pegs DESCRIPTION SIERRA FRONT WHEELS 21” x 3.5” for 14-21 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTRX/​ FLTRU/​FLTRK w/ ABS (dual disc) 0201-2383 21” x 3.5” for 14-19 FLHT/F​ LHR/​FLHX/​FLTRX w/o ABS (dual disc) 0201-2382 REAR WHEELS 18” x 5.5” for 09-21 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/ ​FLTRX/​FLTRU/​FLTRK w/ ABS 0202-2176 18” x 5.5” for 09-19 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTRX w/o ABS 0202-2175 DESCRIPTION PART # FOR 09-21 DRESSER/​TOURING MODELS Black 0214-1991 Gold 0214-1992 PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 99-21 FLT/​FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTR/​FLTRX/​FLTRU/​FLTRK , 09-13 H-D FL TRIKE, 00-17 FLST AND 12-16 FLD 1621-1038 Black anodized 1621-1039 Chrome FOR 18-21 FLDE/​FLFB/​FLFBS/​FLHC/​FLHCS/​FLSL 1621-1040 Black anodized 1621-1041 Chrome 0214-1992 0214-1991 0210-0395 0210-0396 1621-1038 1621-1039