2023 PC June Skinny

JUNE 2023 THE DRAG SPECIALTIES dragspecialties.com 6 FRONT BRAKE PADS PART # DESCRIPTION 1721-3373 For 20-23 Challenger/​Dark Horse/​Limited, 23 Challenger Elite (Brembo calipers, Cast wheels) 1721-3373 For 22-23 Pursuit Limited (Brembo calipers, Cast wheels) 1721-3373 For 20-23 FTR 1200 Rally, 19-23 FTR 1200 S, 18-23 FTR 1200, 21-22 FTR 1200 R Carbon, 19-20 FTR 1200 S Race Replica REAR BRAKE PADS PART # DESCRIPTION 1721-3372 For 17-23 Scout/​Scout Sixty 1721-3372 For 22-23 Scout Rogue, 23 Rogue Sixty 1721-3372 For 21-23 Scout Bobber Sixty, 19-23 Scout Bobber/​Bobber Twenty SINTERED METAL BRAKE PADS • Sintered metal brake pads are the OEM-type replacement pads for most bikes from the late 1970s to the present • Sintered metal brake pads are proudly made in the U.S.A.; second-to-none in their stopping abilities and wear characteristics, while still providing excellent reduction in noise and dust • Drag Specialties brake pads are asbestos-, nickel- and lead-free NOTE: If you are using aftermarket billet steel rotors, it is recommended you use our Organic pads with aramid high-performance fiber brake pads to avoid damage to them. Sintered pads are not recommended for billet steel rotors as the pad material is too aggressive for those rotors. PART # DESCRIPTION 2212-0872 For 99-16 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTR/​FLTRX; repl. OEM #74438-99A OIL PRESSURE SENSOR • Accurate reproduction of the OEM sending unit • Precision calibrated • Sold each 1721-3372 1721-3373