2024 Parts Canada February Skinny

FEBRUARY 2024 THE DRAG SPECIALTIES 14 PART # DESCRIPTION 2001-2696 For 22-23 FXLRST/​FXRST models PROBEAM® HEADLIGHT MOUNTING KIT • Aluminum mounting bracket attaches to OEM headlight support ring on Low Rider ST & El Diablo models • Bracket offers mounting solution for ProBEAM 5.75” standard headlights (PART #s 2001-1749/​2001-1750 (sold separately)) as a direct replacement for the OEM headlight (67700345A) • Included wire adapter connects to OEM headlight harness with H4 plug to plug into the ProBEAM headlight. Mounting hardware also included with kit • Satin black finish PART # DESCRIPTION 2001-2695 For 18-20 FXLR, 18-23 FXBB/​FXBBS, 20-23 FXST HEADLIGHT MOUNTING BLOCK • For use with Custom Dynamics 53/ 4” headlight bucket PART #2001-2599 (sold separately) • Gloss black finish PART # DESCRIPTION 2040-3139 For 15-23 FLTRX/​FLTRXS, 22-23 FLTRXST/​FLTRKSE, 20-23 FLTRK, 18-22 FLTRXSE, 16-19 FLTRU, 20-22 FLTRUSE, 23 FLTRT LIGHT BAR MOUNT BRACKET • Heavy-duty steel mount bracket attaches to the inner fairing mount • Designed for use with Custom Dynamics LED driving light bar PART #s 2001-2442 or 2040-2829 (sold separately) • Mounting hardware included PART # DESCRIPTION 2120-1246 For 14-23 FLHX/​FLHXS/​FLHXST/​FLTRX/​FLTRXS/​FLTRXST/​FLTRU/​FLTRUSE/​FLTRK/​ FLTRKSE/​FLHR/​FLHRXS/​FLHT/​FLHTCU/​FLHTCUL/​FLHTK/​FLHTKL/​FLHTKSE WIRE HARNESS FOR CVO™ TAILLIGHTS • Direct plug-and-play harness for quickly connecting ProBEAM CVO™ taillights • For 14-23 models with 2013-earlier style CVO™ rear fender conversion PART # DESCRIPTION 2040-3145 For 06-13 FLHTCU/​FLHTCUSE, 09-13 FLHTCUTG, 10-13 FLHTK, 06 FLHTCSE, 11-12 FLHXSE, 11-12 FLTRU, 11 FLTRUSE DYNAMIC LED LOWER FAIRING INSERTS • Direct replacement for the lower fairing radiator grilles or filler plates • More than 130 white and amber LEDs per side • When the turn signal is activated the white DRL running light turns completely off, providing greater visibility to the amber turn signal • Attach to the OEM lower fairings with double-sided tape • Airflow can still be controlled by opening or closing the lower OEM vent assembly • Plug-and-play wire harness connector • Sold in pairs