2022 Parts Canada Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTSCANADA.COM 2022 | SNOW GOGGLES & EYEWEAR SEE PAGE 6 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 92 SPEEDTRAP • Optically correct decentered spherical shield with six-base lens design • HiPER lenses with Hydroilo lens coating • Telescopic temples with three-way adjustable temple arms • Overinjected rubber temple tips • Ultra-grip rubber nose pad • Spare clear lens and alternative nose piece included • Air scoops increase ventilation while reducing moisture on the lens SPORTCOUPE • Optically correct eight-base dual-lens design filters ultraviolet rays and reduces blue light • HiPER lens with Hydroilo lens coating boosts eye coverage • Ultra-grip rubber nose and temple tips • Spare clear lens included FRAME COLOR LENS COLOR PART # SPEEDTRAP (A) Neon yellow/​olive Black mirror 2610-1132 (B) Matte metallic Viperidae Bronze mirror 2610-1217 (C) Gray Smoke 2610-1287 (D) Matte metallic Blue mirror 2610-1288 (E) White Blue 2610-1289 (F) Black Red 2610-1290 (G) Gray Photochromic 2610-1291 FRAME COLOR LENS COLOR PART # SPORTCOUPE (H) Black Smoke 2610-1073 (I) Black HiPER silver mirror 2610-1074 (J) Smoke Purple 2610-1075 (K) Gray Green mirror 2610-1076 (L) White HiPER red mirror 2610-1077 (M) Gray Photochromic 2610-1152 PERFORMANCE SUNGLASSES (CONT) H I J K L E F A G M D B C