2023 Parts Canada Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 HELMET ACCESSORIES PARTSCANADA.COM HELMET & APPAREL | 2023 SEE PAGE 7 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 177 HELMET CARE SPRAY • Foaming spray cleans, deodorizes and protects helmet linings • Enzyme formula eats bacteria that cause odor • Protects the helmet’s outer surfaces and brightens up the colors • Leaves a pleasant, clean, fresh aroma, inside and out • Available in 200ml aerosol cans, 12 per case HELMET CLEAN • Cleans outside of helmet, leaving an anti-insect film • Works on any helmet • 250ml bottle, 12 per case VISO-CLEAN • Helmet, shield and goggle cleaning cloths • Quickly and effectively loosen and remove dirt, bugs, soot and oil residue, while applying an anti-fog treatment • Each pack comes standard with one wet and one dry cloth • Sold as a 12-pack counter kit DESCRIPTION PART # 200ml, cs. 3706-0029 DESCRIPTION PART # 250ml, cs. 3704-0175 DESCRIPTION PART # 12-pack counter kit 3704-0245 DESCRIPTION PART # Earplugs 0134-3155 EARPLUGS • Noise reduction rate of up to 24 decibels • Engineered from medical-grade silicone-free material for a comfortable fit • Advanced precision filter insert blocks wind noise without causing muffled hearing • Filter is removable for easier cleaning DESCRIPTION PART # 100 ml, ea. 3704-0395 INTERIOR FRESH • Removes odor of sweat and other smells from helmet interior • Has no odor • Can be used on leather or textile fabrics • Does not contain alcohol • Bio-degradable • 100 ml spray DESCRIPTION PART # Visor Clear cloths (8-pk.) 3706-0098 VISOR CLEAR CLEANING CLOTHS • Removes insect residue and road contaminations from your helmet visor without scratching • Each packet contains two cloths, one wet and one dry • Use the wet cloth to soften and remove residue from the visor, then wipe with the drying cloth to avoid streaks and reflections • Bio-degradable, does not contain alcohol • Easy to pack, easy to use • Each box contains eight wet/​dry cleaning sets • Two earplug sizes included so you get the best fit for your ear size • ASNI and ECE certified