2024 Parts Canada Bicycle

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 PARTSCANADA.COM 2024 | BICYCLE HANDLEBARS & HAND CONTROLS 100 CLAMP-ON MOUNTAIN BIKE GRIPS •Dual clamping mounts provide secure fit to handlebars and solid grip in wet conditions •PART #0630-2832 features a diamond-style surface with ribbed area for added grip; overall length 130mm •PART #0630-2833 features both half-waffle pattern and diamond-textured pattern inlays; overall length 129mm DESCRIPTION PART # Black 0630-2833 DESCRIPTION PART # Black/​gray 0630-2832 LOCK-ON GRIPS •Feature CNC-aluminum locking collars •Consistent pattern across the width of the grip assures additional traction •Designed with open-ended grip features for easy cleaning •Sold in pairs DESCRIPTION PART # Aramid 0630-2707 DESCRIPTION PART # Ultra-tacky 0630-2708 DESCRIPTION PART # Traction ultra-tacky 0630-2709 AG-2 LOCK-ON GRIPS •Aaron Gwin signature lock-on grips push grip technology to a new level •Developed in collaboration with five-time World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin; use the race-proven version 2.1 Lock-On system with new single clamp •Feature a larger diameter than original grips at 30.5mm with offset padding towards the rider for improved comfort •Softer compound provides excellent shock absorption •Redesigned surface pattern for improved traction and vibration dampening; thin ribs add control without a bulky feel COLOR PART # Graphite/​black 0630-2711 ELITE FLOW LOCK-ON GRIPS •Feature version 2.1 Lock-On system with new single clamp •Offset grip design provides padding where it is needed most based on riding position; designed with added grip material on one side of the grip •Outside end of the grip is marked with clocking marks from -30° to 30°; rotate the grip so the thickest section of padding is in the area of the hands where the most pressure is • For a more upright riding position, place the 0° mark rotated slightly back from top dead center; for riding positions where you are further off the back of the bike, place the 0° mark about 30° to 45° back from top dead center COLOR PART # Black/​black 0630-2717 COLOR PART # Graphite/​black 0630-2718 APEX STEM •CNC-machined; combines all mountain strength, enduro stiffness and XC lightweight •Unique 240° handlebar clamps allow removal of most of the stem body while retaining the strength and stiffness demanded by modern, wide handlebars •40mm and 50mm offset measures 40mm H x 46mm W x 35mm D DESCRIPTION PART # 40mm offset 0630-2747 DESCRIPTION PART # 50mm offset 0630-2748 •Available in aluminum/​gold/​black •Weighs 126g (includes bolts) 0630-2747 0630-2748 •Half-waffle pattern for added control with reinforced soft ends for durability •Feature a soft-pro compound for excellent shock absorption •Measure 130mm L •Sold in pairs 0630-2718 0630-2717 •Aluminum reinforced ends provide extra durability against grip blowout; hard plastic is molded over the aluminum end cap for added durability but will not gouge •Measures 135mm L •Sold in pairs 0630-2707 0630-2708 0630-2709 0630-2833 0630-2832