2024 Parts Canada Bicycle

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 HANDLEBARS & HAND CONTROLS PARTSCANADA.COM BICYCLE | 2024 99 COLOR PART # Black 0635-1748 White 0635-1749 COLOR PART # Blue/​white 0635-1750 Black/​white 0635-1751 COLOR PART # White/​black 0635-1752 Black/​yellow 0635-1753 COLOR PART # Orange/​black 0635-1754 Black/​orange 0635-1755 X-ELITE HANDGUARDS • Designed to protect hands from brush, trees, debris and cold • Thermoplastic construction is lightweight, compact and crash-resistant •Universal mounting bracelet for all E-Bike/​MTB/​Minibike handlebars •Easy mounting with a flexible collar does not require the removal of grips •Removable spoiler is designed to protect the brake and clutch pumps 0635-1748 0635-1749 0635-1750 0635-1751 0635-1752 0635-1753 0635-1754 0635-1755 DESCRIPTION PART # 30MM RISE Aluminum/​gold 0601-5414 DESCRIPTION PART # 40MM RISE Aluminum/​gold 0601-5430 Black 0601-5431 FATBAR® 35 •Renthal designed the Fatbar® to be the ultimate combination of lightness, strength and durability •High-strength 7 series aluminium alloy •Shot-peened for increased fatigue life •Corrosion and abrasion-resistant hard-anodized finish •Weighs 305g and measures 800mm wide 0601-5431 0601-5414 HB-01 5-LEVEL HEATED GRIPS •12V power source requires 10W minimum •Universal fit to be clipped on any handlebar sizes •Rubber material that is resistant to outdoor conditions and high temperatures •Thin and flexible silicone wires make them easy to install • Switch offers three options: high, low and off DESCRIPTION PART # HB-01 5-level heated grips 0631-0281 DESCRIPTION PART # Mini/Mt Bike handguards 0635-2116 MINI/MT BIKE HANDGUARDS •Mount directly to the lever perches or directly to handlebar •Do not take up any extra space on the handlebars •Pocket on composite arm allows deflector to flex on impact or crash • Sold as pair, must add Contour 2 deflectors to make the kit complete (sold separately; see HANDLEBARS section of the 2023 Parts Canada Offroad catalog