2022 November Snow Feature Flyer

NOVEMBER 2022 FEATURED PRODUCTS See the 2023 Parts Canada Snow Catalogue for Plow Mounts V-PLOW • Available in 72” width • Blade heights taper up from the center of the blade to increase plow capacity • Adjustable blades allow for many plowing positions • Strong matte powdercoat finish DESCRIPTION PART NO. For UTVs 4501-0857 For ATVs 4501-0858 RM4 FRAME TO RM5 MACHINE MOUNT ADAPTERS • Use to adapt your ATV or UTV RM4 frame to use the RM5 machine mount 4501-0841 4501-0858 DESCRIPTION PART NO. PLOW BLADES 72” left side blade 4501-0842 72” right side blade 4501-0843 DESCRIPTION PART NO. PUSH TUBES V-Plow push tube 4501-0841 V-Plow push tube for RM5 4501-0907 WHAT TO ORDER PUSH TUBE-STYLE V-PLOW • V-plow push tube PART #4501-0841 • 72” V-Blade – LEFT AND RIGHT • Bottom mount • Winch mount • Choice of winch RM5 FRONT MOUNT-STYLE V-PLOW • V-plow RM5 push frame PART #4501-0907 • 72” V-Blade – LEFT AND RIGHT • RM5 mount • Winch mount • Choice of winch • Comes standard with manual-adjust option • Upgrade to the hydraulic turn kit for hydraulic-adjust option • All V-plows come with rubber flaps • Recommended for any ATV/U​ TV 700cc and up • Made in the U.S.A. ¹ Not for use with WARN Axon winch.