2023 Parts Canada January Highsider Feature Flyer

JANUARY 2023 FEATURED PRODUCTS VICTORY EVO BAR END MIRROR • Mount directly to handlebars with an outside diameter of 7/ 8" or 1" • Mount to existing bar ends with an OD of 7/ 8" or 1" • Compatible with all Highsider bar ends DESCRIPTION PART NO. Victory EVO bar end mirror 0640-1597 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Micro LED license plate light 2030-2245 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Glow-PL1 2040-2974 DESCRIPTION PART NO. SMD LED license plate light 2030-2244 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Gloss black 0641-0289 Matte black 0641-0290 M10 CNC COVER CAPS • Covers the OEM mirror threads when converting to bar end mirrors • High-quality aluminum caps • Caps provide protection against corrosion and refine the look of the handlebars • Rubber coating is provided on the cylinder for optimum fit • For use with M10 mirror threads • Diameter: .62" • Diameter cylinder: .03" • Depth: .43" • Sold each MATTE BLACK GLOSS BLACK HIGHSIDER GLOW-PL1 • E-approved • Features a shapely, flat light module that can be easily mounted anywhere with its adhesive backer MICRO LED LICENSE PLATE LIGHT • Features three LEDs • E-marked • Measures 1.77" W x .27" H x .47" D • Sold each SMD LED LICENSE PLATE LIGHT • This self-adhesive LED license plate light features a tiny design • .25" H x .62" W x .39" D • Sold each PROTON 2 FRONT RUN AND TURN SIGNALS • One of the most compact and versatile signals in our product line • With its black housing and smoke lens, the signal can almost disappear until it is activated • A white daytime running light and a turn signal are packed into this small footprint • E-approved • For front use • Dimensions: diameter: .43", width: .47", depth: .63", thread: M8 x .71" • Universal fitment for 12V systems • Sold in pairs NOTE: The Highsider PL Control Box CB2 PART #2050-0472 switches the position light off during the flashing process and goes on again after the flashing process (with a small delay). PROTON 2 TURN SIGNALS • With smoked lenses and amber LEDs, the turn signals are only noticeable when necessary • The trend towards ever smaller lighting elements makes it possible to give the bike a cool and clean look • E-approved • For use as front or rear turn signal • Dimensions: diameter: .43", width: .47", depth: .62", thread: M8, length .70" • Universal fitment for 12V systems • Sold in pairs DESCRIPTION PART NO. Proton 2 front run and turn signals 2020-2083 DESCRIPTION PART NO. Proton 2 turn signals 2020-2082