2023 Parts Canada November Winterization Feature Flyer

FEATURED PRODUCTS NOVEMBER 2023 DESCRIPTION PART # 946ml (1 quart), cs. 3706-0063 ETHANOL GASOLINE TREATMENT • Promotes easier starting • Helps avoid phase separation • Absorbs water and condensation • Provides three- to six-month protection • Contains lubricity, preventing dry-outs • 946ml (1 quart) bottles, 10 per case DESCRIPTION PART # 473ml (1 pint), cs. 3707-0015 GASOLINE STORBILIZER • Stabilizes ethanol and gasoline mixtures • Helps prevent oxidation and corrosion • Recommended for premix or ethanol/​gasoline blends • Six- to eight-month protection • Provides quick, easy start-ups after storage • 473ml (1 pint) bottles, 10 per case DESCRIPTION PART # 3.785 liter, ea. 3707-0051 HITRATE™ RACING GASOLINE CONCENTRATE • Converts 91 octane gasoline to higher octane racing gas • Add horsepower with higher compression ratios and more advanced timing • Prevents damage during detonation and pre-ignition, and smooths out engine torque curves • For use with unleaded, oxygenated (MTBE) pump gasolines • Catalytic converter safe • 3.785 liter (1 gallon) cans, sold each DESCRIPTION PART # 473ml (1 pint), ea. 3707-0053 CATALYTIC CONVERTER CLEANER • Reduces hydrocarbon emissions using the cleanest formula available • Cleans fuel injectors, oxygen sensors and cylinder head chambers • Restores exhaust and fuel systems to improve acceleration and fuel economy • Use as a pre-treatment before emissions tests, and every three months to fight carbon build-up • 473ml (1 pint) bottles, sold each DESCRIPTION PART # 473ml (1 pint), cs. KL-602-CS 3.785 liter (1 gallon), ea. 3707-0044 OCTANE BOOSTER • A concentrated tetraethyl lead substitute formulated to increase the octane rating of gasoline up to 10 numbers or more • Helps eliminate enginedamaging detonation, spark knock, pre-ignition and pinging from low-octane gasoline • Modifies the burn speed and flash point of gasoline to create a stable combustion chamber flame front, maximizing performance and power • Stabilizes oxygenated gasoline to prevent lean-out conditions • Provides needed upper-cylinder lubrication that is missing in unleaded gasoline • Not alcohol compatible • Available in 473ml (1 pint) cans, 10 per case, or 3.785 liter (1 gallon) cans, sold each KL-602-CS 3707-0044 DESCRIPTION PART # 473ml (1 pint), cs. KL-600-CS 3.785 liter (1 gallon), ea. 3707-0052 NITRO® POWER ADDITIVE • An oxygenating power additive developed for gasoline and methanol alcohol fuels • Designed to extract the maximum level of horsepower from stock and modified engines • Contains 50% nitropropane and 50% Koolinal™ as a blending and cooling agent that resists detonation and pre-ignition • Dyno testing indicates substantial power increases may be obtained when using Klotz Nitro • Available in 473ml (1 pint) cans, 10 per case, or 3.785 liter (1 gallon) cans, sold each KL-600-CS