2023 Parts Canada November Winterization Feature Flyer

FEATURED PRODUCTS NOVEMBER 2023 DESCRIPTION PART # 250ml, cs. 3707-0038 FUEL STABILIZER • Used to prevent the build-up of deposits in vehicle’s fuel supply system • Makes it easier to restart the vehicle after long winter period • 250ml bottle, 12 per case DESCRIPTION PART # 411g (14.5 oz.) net wt., ea. 73920 MULTI-PURPOSE PENETRANT LUBE/​FOGGING OIL • Multi-purpose penetrating lube (MPPL) also displaces water and provides rust and corrosion protection • Forms a protective film on metal and will not harm plastic or painted surfaces • Excellent fogging oil or starting fluid for 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines • 411g (14.5 oz.) net weight can, 12 per case • Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART # 237ml (8 fl. oz.) bottle 6-pk. w/ mini counter display, cs. 3706-0021 237ml (8 fl. oz.) bottle 6-pk. no display, cs. 251487 473ml (16 fl. oz.) bottle, cs. 3706-0027 DESCRIPTION PART # Display card w/ two 30ml (1 fl. oz.) bottles; cs. 3706-0034 Display pack w/ 30ml (1 fl. oz.) bottle; cs. 3706-0042 STAR TRON ENZYME FUEL ADDITIVE • Cures and prevents Ethanol fuel problems • Makes all engines start easily and run smoothly • Works in all 2- and 4-cycle engines • Improves fuel economy • Stabilizes gas for up to one year • Removes carbon deposits; prevents new deposits from forming • Available in 237ml (8 fl. oz.) and 473ml (16 fl. oz.) bottle; PART #3706-0021 sold to dealer as a 6-pack; PART #3706-0027 sold 12 per case; PART #3706-0042 sold to dealer as 24 per display case • PART #3706-0021 6-pack and PART #3706-0042 24-pack features a compact eye-catching counter display • PART #3706-0034 features a display card with two 30ml (1 fl. oz.) bottles; 12 per case • 237ml (8 fl. oz.) bottle treats 181.7l (48 gal.) of gas; 473ml (16 fl. oz.) bottle treats 969l (256 gal.) of gas • Cannot be overdosed 3706-0021 3706-0027 3706-0034 3706-0042 LIQUI MOLY MOTORBIKE GASOLINE STABILIZER • Preserves and protects fuel against aging and oxidation • Prevents corrosion throughout the entire fuel system • Prevents problems from occurring when motorbikes, motor scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles and other gasoline-driven 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are decommissioned • Increases operational reliability • The product has a lasting effect. INSTRUCTIONS: Use 25ml dosage with 5L (1.3 gal) of fuel. Add to fuel and let the engine idle approx. 10 minutes. DESCRIPTION PART # Motorbike Gasoline Stabilizer 250 mL 3707-0063