2021 June PC Giant Loop Flyer

giant loop /// luggage Possibly the ONLY waterproof, snowproof Fender Bag + Number Plate Bag available today, Giant Loop’s adventure proof Limited Edition Snow Fender/ Number Plate Bag offers secure connections for most dirt bike plastics on snow bikes (Timbersled, Camso, Yeti Snow MX, Moto-Trax, CMX). When properly installed, it’s there to stay no matter what! Sized to fit spare goggles, gloves, tools and other relatively small, lightweight essentials. Super rugged and waterproof, side luggage rack-mounted MotoTrekk Panniers secure to almost any common side carriers with an integrated anchor strap system. Sold in pairs, RF-welded roll-top Panniers provide 25 liters of packable volume each side (50 liters total). Volume can be expanded with optional Possibles Pouches, 100% waterproof external pockets. MotoTrekk Panniers’ innovative integrated mounting system enables them to simply strap onto almost any motorcycle side luggage racks, including dual sport, adventure touring, naked, standard, sport touring, scrambler and V-twin motorcycles Giant Loop’s award winning Pannier Mounts are the ultimate quick-release, lockable solution for soft luggage and gear. Combine with Round The World Panniers, MotoTrekk Panniers, Rotopax gas/water cans for installation on many popular side luggage rack systems, including Indian’s OE single-side luggage carrier, ADVM X-Frames, Touratech, KTM Powerparts, Brooks AutoSports, Givi Outback (2019 and earlier), Outback Motortek and BMW R1200 GS Adventure, BMW R1250 GS Adventure and BMW F850 GS Adventure original equipment (with GSA adapter kit). Will not fit BMW 800GSA Factory Side Luggage Racks. GIANT LOOP FENDER BAG/NUMBER PLATE BAG MOTOTREKK PANNIERS™ GL PANNIER MOUNTS FOR SOFT LUGGAGE PART NO DESCRIPTION 3510-0118 Fender Bag/Number Plate Bag Take a load off with the rackless MoJavi Saddlebag motorcycle luggage! Improve rider endurance and comfort by taking the weight out of a backpack and putting it on your dirt bike, dual sport or supermoto motorcycle (and an astonishing array of other bike types, including adventure touring, scrambler, standard and sport). Specifically designed to carry just the essentials needed for a day trip or trail ride, the MoJavi Saddlebag is the rackless, slim, trim bag for inner tubes, tools, fluids and other save-a-ride necessities. Straps on. Stays on. No matter what. No side luggage racks required. MOJAVI SADDLEBAG™ PART NO DESCRIPTION 3501-1748 Mojave™ Saddlebag - Black 3501-1749 Mojave™ Saddlebag - Grey 3501-1750 Mojave™ Saddlebag - Orange BLACK ORANGE GREY PART NO DESCRIPTION 3501-1751 MotoTrekk Panniers PART NO DESCRIPTION 3501-1752 GL Pannier Mounts for Soft Luggage - 18mm Round Tubing Pannier Mounts - (includes 2x adapter blocks for BMW GSA OE Racks) BLACK ANODIZED ALUMINUM 3501-1753