2021 June PC Giant Loop Flyer

giant loop /// luggage Giant Loop’s 100% waterproof, dustproof, mudproof roll-top Possibles Pouch makes external pockets for MoJavi Saddlebag (top center), Coyote Saddlebag, Great Basin Saddlebag and MotoTrekk Panniers. With 3.5-liters of packable volume — enough capacity for a full set of tire irons, a spare tube, compressor, tools, gloves or other small essentials. Possible Pouches secure to engine guards (KTM 1090/1190/1290 Adventure and many others) with included webbing straps. Add Giant Loop’s bolt-on Tail Rack for an instant trail riding solution that gets the weight off your body and onto the bike for improved performance and less fatigue. Tillamook Dry Bag features 48 liters of waterproof storage, a unique integrated anchor strap system that allows access to gear from both ends without unstrapping, air purge valve for easy rolling, two included carry straps and D-ring attachments to convert to a backpack, rugged Giant Loop grab handles, reflective daisy chain that integrates with Coyote and Great Basin Saddlebag’s beaver tail, additional lash points and two-tone design. Rogue Dry Bag features 17 liters of 100% waterproof packable volume and opens from both ends without unstrapping from luggage or rack. Includes air purge valve, two carry straps and D-ring attachments to convert to a backpack, rugged Giant Loop grab handles, additional lash points. Designed to expand Giant Loop’s Saddlebags and Panniers. Named for southern Oregon’s and northern California’s rugged and beautiful mountain range, Giant Loop’s Siskiyou Panniers waterproof soft luggage combines the convenience of hard panniers with all of Giant Loop’s performance advantages. Rugged, rackless, lightweight and stable. Secures to passenger footrest mounts and rides on rear rack and/or pillion seat. Flexible internal framesheet conforms to array of racks and motorcycle makes/models. Cross-over wings create luggage platform for Dry Bags and gear, add stability and protect seat. Mounts/dismounts in minutes. Ride 2-up with a stadium cushion or Airhawk for passenger comfort, or consider Giant Loop’s rack mounted Round The World Panniers. POSSIBLES POUCH™ TILLAMOOK DRY BAG™ ROGUE DRY BAG™ SISKIYOU PANNIERS™ PART NO DESCRIPTION 3515-0221 Possibles Pouch™ - Black PART NO DESCRIPTION 3530-0024 Rogue Dry Bag™ PART NO DESCRIPTION 3530-0025 Tillamook Dry Bag™ PART NO DESCRIPTION 3501-1761 Siskiyou Panniers™ SISKIYOU PANNIERS™ INCLUDE WATERPROOF LINER 2 X DRY PODS (2) AND 2 X HOT SPRINGS HEAT SHIELD KITS