May 2021 PC KLOTZ Flyer.indd

klotz /// lubricants and chemicals ASSEMBLY LUBE FOGON ® STORAGE AND AFTERUN ® LUBRICANT NITRO ® POWER ADDITIVE • Provides required lubrication during the extremely important first start-up • Coats engine components with protective film to prevent metal-on- metal contact • Burns off clean and quickly after first start up • Use as a rust inhibitor to protect machined engine parts • Protects rebuilt engines during storage • 12 oz. bottles, 10 per case • Provides protective shield of lubrication for all types of engines • Guards against harsh environmental elements including rust and corrosion for extended periods of storage or non-use • Reduces maintenance and operation cost • Fast, clean start up after storage • Perfect for after run lubricant • Great for marine winter storage lubricant • 16 oz. cans, 10 per case • An oxygenating power additive developed for gasoline and methanol alcohol fuels • Designed to extract the maximum level of horsepower from stock and modified engines • Contains 50% nitropropane and 50% Koolinal™ as a blending and cooling agent that resists detonation and pre-ignition • Dyno testing indicates substantial power increases may be obtained when using Klotz Nitro • 16 fl. oz. cans; 10 per case • Made in the U.S.A. HITRATE ® RACING GASOLINE CONCENTRATE ETHANOL GASOLINE TREATMENT • Converts 92 octane pump gasoline to 103-105 octane racing gas • Unleaded formula • Provides smoother torque curves for more usable power • Cost-effective alternative to race gas • Blends with gasoline and ethanol enriched fuels • Promotes easier starting • Helps avoid phase separation • Absorbs water and condensation • Provides three- to six-month protection • Contains lubricity, preventing dry-outs • 16 fl. oz bottles, 10 per case • Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART NO. 10/16 fl. oz bottles 3707-0050 1 3.78L can 3707-0051 PART NO. KL609 PART NO. 3620-0021 PART NO. 3620-0022 DESCRIPTION PART NO. 16 fl. oz. KL-600-CS 3.78L 3707-0052