May 2021 PC KLOTZ Flyer.indd

klotz /// lubricants and chemicals OCTANE BOOSTER • A concentrated tetraethyl lead substitute formulated to increase the octane rating of gasoline up to 10 numbers or more • Helps eliminate engine damaging detonation, spark knock, pre-ignition and pinging from low-octane gasoline • Modifies the burn speed and flash point of gasoline to create a stable combustion chamber flame front, maximizing performance and power • Stabilizes oxygenated gasoline to prevent lean-out conditions • Provides needed upper-cylinder lubrication that is missing in unleaded gasoline • Not alcohol compatible • 16 fl. oz. cans; 10 per case • 3.78L bottle • Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART NO. 16 fl. oz. KL-602-CS 3.78L bottle 3707-0044 3707-0044 KL-602-CS CLEANEST CATALYTIC CONVERTER CLEANER PLUG AND CONTACT CLEANER GASOLINE STORBILIZER • Safe for all gasoline engines, including turbo and supercharged • Cleanest formula available to reduce hydrocarbon emissions • Maintains catalytic converter to cleanest efficiency • Cleans fuel injectors, oxygen sensors and cylinder head chambers • Restores and maintains exhaust and fuel systems • Improves acceleration and MPG • Quickly cleans and degreases all metal and aluminum surfaces, fouled spark plugs, carburetors and other small parts • Nonconductor formula for use on electrical systems, electric switches, connections, motors, starters and alternators • Completely cuts through and removes carbon, oil, dirt, grease, tar and adhesives without leaving a residue • Will not damage engine parts, carburetors, brake parts, ignition parts, spark plugs or engine sensors • 20 oz. net wt. aerosol spray cans, 10 per case • Stabilizes ethanol and gasoline mixtures • Helps prevent oxidation and corrosion • Recommended for premix or ethanol/ gasoline blends • Six- to eight-month protection • Provides quick, easy start-ups after storage • 16 fl. oz. bottles, 10 per case • Made in the U.S.A. PART NO. 3707-0053 PART NO. KL609 PART NO. 3707-0015