2021 July PC Koso Flyer

koso /// gauges and instruments • Multi air filter intake increases airflow, improves filtering efficiency and raises the engine’s output performance • High-quality foam filter is easy to assemble and disassemble • Suitable for long-term use with repetitive cleaning HURRICANE RACING AIR FILTER PART NO DESCRIPTION 1011-4436 Hurricane Racing Air Filter • Helps your newly-installed LED lights flash normally LED FLASHER RELAY PART NO DESCRIPTION 2050-0228 LED Flasher Relays Built to replace your old OEM transmission sensor, our speed sensor is made from durable material and will function perfectly on your Harley‑Davidson®. TRANSMISSION SPEED SENSOR FOR HARLEY‑DAVIDSON® PART NO DESCRIPTION 2210-0132 Transmission sensor PART NO DESCRIPTION 2210-0414 GPS Speed Signal Converter Kit • Simple, clean alternative to running the speedometer pickup off the wheel speed sensor • Unit has a 66 satellite antenna that captures the GPS signal and transfers it to a pulse signal that communicates real-time speed to the speedometer • Kit includes GPS antenna, signal converter and plug-in adapter cable • For use with all Koso gauges with speedometer function GPS SPEED SIGNAL CONVERTER KIT This Replacement Thumb Heater Kit works with the Multi Adjustment Heated Grips part #AM10711F and the 5 Level Heated Grips part #AM10712G. HEATED THUMB KIT PART NO DESCRIPTION 2040-2627 Heated Thumb Kit PART NO DESCRIPTION 2040-2628 End Cap for Heated Grips Black End Cap for Heated Grips of all types. END CAP FOR HEATED GRIPS