2021 July PC Koso Flyer

koso /// gauges and instruments • Keep your devices charged and ready to go at all times with the Koso Universal Single USB Adaptor. • The simple yet durable design of this USB charger allows it to be mounted virtually anywhere you please. SINGLE USB ADAPTOR - UNIVERSAL PART NO DESCRIPTION 2040-2642 Single USB Adaptor - Universal • Heated devices for the user that does not want to commit to changing their grips but still want to maintain the comfort of heated grips • Easy plug and play USB power source (5V) • Single heating level requires 10W minimum • Universal fit to be clipped on any handlebar sizes (grip diameter between 31 mm and 35 mm) • Rubber material that is resistant to outdoor conditions and high temperatures • Thin and flexible silicone wires make them easy to install HEATED CLIP-ON PART NO DESCRIPTION 0631-0265 Heated Clip-On • The solution for the high compression setups • Robust casing • Brushed aluminum finish • High power output to optimized starting process HIGH-POWER STARTER MOTOR PART NO DESCRIPTION 2110-1081 High-Power Starter Motor • Dual USB ports UNIVERSAL USB ADAPTER PART NO DESCRIPTION 2120-0916 Universal USB Adapter • This small AC/DC Converter made of aluminum will convert AC power into DC power. • The AC/DC converter’s compact size and strong resistance make it the perfect power converter for all snowmobiles, ATV’s or dirt bikes. • The input voltage range : 12 ~ 30v (AC / DC) • The output voltage range : DC 12 ~ 15v • Max load : 6W / 0.5 AMP AC/DC CONVERTER PART NO DESCRIPTION 2130-0048 AC/DC Converter