2022 Parts Canada March Skinny

MARCH 2022 THE DRAG SPECIALTIES 5 dragspecialties.com S&S CYCLE A history of proven performance, driven by a passion for speed. S&S continues to be the industry leader for quality high-performance parts for your American V-Twin. Their new Tuned Induction Air Cleaners feature carefully engineered and laser-cut tubes merged to a single collector and dual high-flow air filters to create a stylish package that maximizes the performance of your M-Eight’s intake system. TUNED INDUCTION AIR CLEANERS* • Uses two laser-cut and highly engineered tubes merged into a single collector, fed by a pair of high-flow air filters directly in the airstream • Bolt-on performance: more than twice the filter area compared to the stock intake system • Boosts horsepower and torque across the rpm range using air column inertia and carefully timed gas dynamic pressure waves • Smooth intake tract using carefully selected and tuned lengths to aid performance • High-flow, washable and reusable cotton media air filter elements NOTE: Will not fit Touring models with fairing lower glove boxes or Twin-Cooled models. PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 17-21 M-EIGHT 1010-2885 Stainless steel 1010-2880 Chrome 1010-2881 Gloss black FOR 08-16 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLHX/​FLTR/H-D FL TRIKE, 16-17 FXDLS AND 16-17 SOFTAILS 1010-2882 Stainless steel 1010-2883 Chrome 1010-2884 Gloss black 1010-2880 1010-2882 1010-2884 PART # DESCRIPTION 1011-2052 For 08-16 FLHT/​FLHR/​FLTR/​FLHX, H-D FL Trikes, 16-17 Softails, 16-17 FXDLS, 14-15 FLSTNSE, 13-14 FXSBSE and 11-12 FLSTSE models (6.5” diameter) 1011-2053 For 01-16 Twin Cam w/ Delphi EFI, 99-06 Big Twin w/ CV carb (except 08-16 Dresser, H-D FL Trikes, 16-17 Softails, 16-17 FXDLS, 14-15 FLSTNSE, 13-14 FXSBSE and 11-12 FLSTSE models) (8” diameter) 1011-3628 Repl. black air filter element REPLACEMENT AIR FILTERS • Replacement larger-profile red air filter elements for original-style LA Choppers Air Cleaner Assembly kits and Affliction Air Cleaners and for current air cleaners using the new-style low-profile black air filter element • Made in the U.S.A. 1011-2052 PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 17-21 M-EIGHT (114”/​117”) 0903-1677 4.016” bore x 4.5” stroke , 114” cu. in., 11.0:1 compression FOR 17-21 M-EIGHT (114”/​117”) (CONT) 0903-1678 4.075” bore x 4.5” stroke , 117” cu. in., 11.1:1 compression 0903-1679 4.080” bore x 4.5” stroke , 118” cu. in., 11.3:1 compression 0903-1680 4.135” bore x 4.5” stroke,, 121” cu. in., 11.3:1 compression PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 17-21* M-EIGHT CVO (117”) 0903-1674 4.060” bore x 4.5” stroke , 117 cu. in, negative dome (-3.5cc) 11.0:1 compression 0903-1675 4.125” bore x 4.5” stroke , 121 cu. in, negative dome (-6.0cc) 11.0:1 compression 0903-1676 4.250” bore x 4.5” stroke , 124 cu. in, negative dome (-9.8cc) 11.0:1 compression BLACK EDITION PISTON KITS FOR M-EIGHT • Features ArmorX™ piston coating for superior protection in extreme conditions and reduced wear • ArmorFit™ skirt coating auto-adjusts to the cylinder wall so there’s no need to measure clearance; provides smooth, quiet, trouble-free operation • Dome design for improved flame travel to maximize air/​fuel burn efficiency • High compression for added power • Superfinish piston pin reduces friction and improves scuff resistance • Enhanced pin oiling for improved lubrication and reduced friction • Augmented ring land details improve ring seal and function • Dedicated rings for precise fit, improved compression and oil control • Fits OEM and Screamin’ Eagle cylinder heads (unless noted) • Kit includes two pistons, rings, piston pins and circlips • Made in the U.S.A. 0903-1677