2023 Parts Canada March Skinny

FEBRUARY 2023 5 dragspecialties.com THE DRAG SPECIALTIES ULTRACOOL Cool by name, cool by design. Ultracool oil coolers are a great way to add some cooling power to your American V-Twin. The coolers feature specially designed aluminum heat exchangers with turbulators to maximize heat dissipation – these kits can drop oil temps by up to 50°F! They are complete and ready to install with plug-and-play wiring, steel braided oil lines and AN6 fittings for quality and style. PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 17-22 FLHT/​FLHX/​FLHR MODELS W/ CHOPPED ENGINE GUARD, 17-22 FLTR W/ HD FAIRING SPOILER (OIL COOLED) 0713-0260 Black, covered FOR 99-16 FLHT/​FLHX/​FLHR/​FLTR (OIL COOLED), 99-17 DYNA WITH T111, T124, T143 S&S ENGINES ONLY 0713-0267 Black, no cover FOR 99-06 FLTRX W/ T111, T124, T143 S&S ENGINES ONLY 0713-0265 Chrome, covered 0713-0266 Black, covered PART # DESCRIPTION FOR 99-17 FXD W/ T111, T124, T143 S&S ENGINES ONLY 0713-0262 Chrome, covered 0713-0263 Gloss black, covered FOR 99-17 FXD W/ T111, T124, T143 S&S ENGINES ONLY (CONT) 0713-0264 Flat black, covered FOR 04-22 XL (EXCEPT 21-22 SPORTSTER S/​RH1250S AND 22 NIGHTSTER/​RH975) (W/ STOCK ENGINES ONLY) 0713-0261 Black, no cover FRAME DOWN TUBE SIDE MOUNT OIL COOLER KITS • Sealed waterproof IP68 fans produce 220 CFM of airflow • Oil adapter and thermal switch automatically turn on the dual fans when your oil reaches 210°F • Specially designed aluminum heat exchanger with turbulators for maximum heat dissipation • Plug-and-play wiring harness with relay and waterproof connectors that all connect to the battery under the seat for simple installation • Black nylon-coated stainless-steel-braided oil lines with AN6 fittings • LED indicator light shows when the fans are operating (toggle mount included) • Specially designed oil line fitting wrench • Has the ability to drop your oil temperature up to 50°F • Complete kit; ready to install • Made in the U.S.A. 0713-0262 0713-0260 0713-0266 0713-0267